5 Best Executive Search Practices For Recruiting Passive Candidates

Executive search in itself is a challenging and dynamic game and passive recruitment just takes it a notch higher. 

Smart recruiters from top executive search firms know how to reach out to these candidates, connect with them, engage them, and finally convince them to join the organization you are pitching for. In this blog, we will share best practices for recruiting passive candidates.

Define your needs

Making a clear list of your requirements is the starting point of this journey. You can start by listing ‘must haves’, followed by ‘good to have’. Even if you are just looking to expand your network, some skills or requirement list is essential to strike up a meaningful conversation.

Drive meaningful connection

How will you reach out to passive candidates? LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter – even reaching out to them in Metaverse might become a reality in the near future. In case you are planning to connect through social media platforms, try establishing a ‘warm’ connection instead of sending out cold and generic notes. If the idea is to have a deep connection, then it’s critical that you connect on a personalized level. Be honest, simple, and persistent, but not pushy or nagging in your communication efforts.

Share personalized emails

Do you ever open emails that are part of bulk emails? They are probably lying in your spam. If you do not want the same to happen to your emails, then ‘personalize’ is the word that you are looking for. Passive candidates are usually very happy with their jobs, making the executive search process even more challenging. Hence, you need to align the content with the interest or accomplishments of the individual. It should not only draw their attention but also build their trust. Trust is the foundation of any relationship and recruitment is not an exception. Finally, remember, lengthy emails are a strict no-no – the content has to be precise and personalized.

Try to connect in-person

The best way to connect is an in-person meeting, however, that sometimes becomes difficult. Once your email wins the trust of the candidate, you can ask for a short telephonic conversation, or if the candidate is in the same location, maybe a short meeting over a cup of coffee. This is the best way to establish a personal connection with the candidate. One communication tip – share what the candidate wants to know not what you have to say or have prepared.

Do not keep them waiting

Candidates hate ghosting – be prompt and on time. After you have established the communication channel, and had maybe a couple of interactions, inform them about the next steps. This should be a clear and transparent process to maintain trust. Candidates should not be kept in the dark about anything – the process, the kind of role they might get into, the perks and benefits – everything should be discussed.

Passive recruitment might be challenging but with the right expert from the best executive search firm, you have nothing to worry about! At Tanner Menzies, one of the best executive search firms in Australia, our experts will take care of the entire process seamlessly. For more information, please call Peter Gleeson, Ian Stacy or Peter Tanner (03) 9190 8904 or visit tannermenzies.net.au