Many changes are happening in the workplace especially for experienced recruiters.

Although there are many roles to be filled in the market, conversion rates are low and appropriate candidates hard to find and attract.

The question many are asking is how do we survive in these challenging market conditions?

The priority needs to be you, your next assignment and the fee outcome. These three items are your priority, and your actions need to be tailored and focussed on them. Some recruiters will have had their salary reduced, bonuses cancelled, been retrenched or ‘furloughed’. However, this does not hide the situation that without assignments your fee income is not going to turn around and neither is your financial wellbeing.

So where to from here?

First and foremost, recruiters, good recruiters are confident and resilient. Second, your clients have in the past engaged you and your expertise to deliver their recruitment solution.  They trust you and leverage your branding or your employers branding. Third, they have recruitment needs now and will have in the future.

Start with the clients you have done work with previously and let them know you are still working. Not a broadcast email, send them a personal message or make a call. Make sure they know you are interested in them and available to deliver. Then follow up on a regular cycle with some news or information, every three or five weeks or when something relevant crosses your desk. Look for quality, real quality individuals who are seeking a new career opportunity to ‘float’. Demonstrate you are active and engaged and thinking of them when you ‘see’ a good individual.

This is activity that can lead to financial outcomes. Remember, focus on activity that has a potential outcome of an assignment, a financial fee outcome.

My final point is about you.

Most likely you are now working from home, enjoying your own hours, interviewing using technology, and generally ‘running your own show’. Trust and brand awareness, are you. How do you achieve a better financial outcome for you?

Let me remind you, as an experienced recruiter, your client engages you to get their solution, they don’t engage your employer, it is you they entrust with their need.  When working for an employer you get a salary and bonus for your overperformance. As an employee, the fee goes towards your target, and you get a small percentage of the fee as your salary. As a Tanner Menzies licensee, you keep the highest percentage of the fee, and Tanner Menzies provide the known brand and the back-office support, including the financial platform and CRM.

Want to get more reward, want to make more money? Enquire about becoming a Tanner Menzies Licensee, it works for you, achieve success your way!

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Written by Peter Gleeson