Let’s check in on your career. How is it progressing? Have you heard that it is a candidate market? And have you heard that there are employers who are paying top dollar to acquire the people they need for their business?

Job advertisement response has gone through the floor, just ask the recruiters that are using the job boards. Attracting interest from a prospect to become a candidate requires an experienced recruiter. This recruiter needs to describe the client, the circumstances, the potential employer benefits, and employment environment. They also need to factor in (most importantly) values, culture, and yes, the opportunity and the reward. The prospect may then undertake some further discovery before committing to becoming a candidate.

Does this process sound familiar? It might if you are an experienced recruiter. And if you are an experienced recruiter and great at your job, you will be getting paid accordingly. So why aren’t you keeping more in your pocket for the great client outcomes you’re delivering? At Tanner Menzies ‘where leaders are found’, we ensure that the people and organisations we interact with receive high quality and professional service.

Have you ever thought about going out on your own and taking yourself to a higher level, earning much higher reward for your skill? You can do this with Tanner Menzies. With us you can work where you like, work your own hours, interview using technology, and overall, run your own show.

You are accountable for your building your brand, and the trust your clients place in your business.

As a Tanner Menzies licensee, you keep the highest percentage of the fee, and Tanner Menzies provide the brand recognition and administrative support including our financial platform and CRM.

If you want to get more reward for your skills as a recruiter, talk to us about becoming a Tanner Menzies Licensee. Our proven licensee model was built to work for you. Achieve success your way with certainty delivered. Call Peter Gleeson 0419367569, Ian Stacy 0417478229 or Peter Tanner 0419826637 or visit for more information.