Since 2019, these times of constant change have made so many of us question who we are, what we are doing, and if what we are doing satisfies what we are looking to achieve in the future. So much has been said and written about what a great time it is to either change jobs, ask for a better role in your current organisation or even start your own business.

There is an incorrect assumption that given the labor shortage, business success in most corporate instances, and now a vaccine, that any of these options are available at the push of a button.

Frankly many who are currently in the workforce are actually less competitive than they were three years ago, as they haven’t been able or prepared to develop new skills in this hybrid world. This is during a time when many companies struggled to develop workable operational models that were competitive.

Companies now seek increased productivity from existing and new employees which leads to greater profitability. That is before even contemplating improved remuneration or hiring new staff. It has to make good commercial sense to do either.

The ‘control stick’ is constantly being exchanged between employers and employees. This state of confusion has led to a number of currently employed individuals considering the option of starting their own business. It seems such an easy option as it provides so many of the factors we have come to expect during the pandemic such as hybrid model capability, flexibility, life balance, better productivity and many more.

Starting and running your own business is not easy and it is better to know that now before you try. It simply may not be right for you, and that is perfectly acceptable! I began my first business in the mid 1970’s and apart from five years in a publicly listed company in a senior management role, I have essentially been in my own business all of that time. I would like to share some of the “ifs” you need to consider to run a successful business.

  • If you think everything is predictable, it is not, so you must be flexible and able to adapt to change, often quickly!
  • If you do not have a passion for what you are creating, forget it!
  • If you are expecting immediate success, be prepared for disappointment!
  • If you cannot make decisions and apply them with conviction, you are gone!
  • If you cannot prioritise outstanding issues you will struggle to get the job(s) done!
  • If you cannot respect others who join your journey you are done!
  • And, if you cannot develop a business plan you will get lost, it is your map!

You can add a lot more to this success list. This is just a start, and something that is often not done by aspiring business owners. It is so important to carefully consider the ‘you” requirements which will determine your ability to enter the owners arena.

Much of the above can be learned from those who have been there and enjoyed success in the past. This is where a Licensee model can provide a very attractive option to going it alone. In this model you join others on the journey with several business mentors who have done it before. Together you grow and develop a significant business. It’s the best of both worlds.

If you are interested in maximising your success in your own recruitment or HR consulting business, give us a call and we will talk you through our proven licensee model. Achieve success your way with certainty delivered. Call Peter Gleeson 0419367569, Ian Stacy 0417478229 or Peter Tanner 0419826637 or visit for more information.