If you are over having management demand you increase activity levels in your job based on what others believe is the recipe for success, then maybe it’s time to take over the reins.

Time for you to do the things you know will bring success in this very competitive marketplace.

Quality versus Quantity.

One of the big issues for high performing professionals who have proven themselves in someone else’s business is that they have never actually done it.

They often say to themselves I can do this, that is run their own business, but when push comes to crunch, they return to safe ground operating in their old, well-worn role as an employee.

If they are working in the services sector, they will often be asking their clients to employ them, to bring them into the business as a third party to conduct consulting, recruitment, or other tasks that they have expertise in.

Basically, asking them to share their subject matter expertise.

When they give it a shot at starting their own business, they will often not practice what they preach and bring in a mentor, coach, industry leader to get the ball rolling and assist in growing the business into something substantial.

To work with someone who has done it all before, ideally a few times, greatly enhances their chance of success.

It is all about putting the right infrastructure in place with self-managed intuitive checks and balances that will achieve the desired result.

Any business venture goes through a number of cycles, with the reality being the company you are currently working in will be at a different stage of development to the one you will have as your own, should you set up now.

What’s does this mean?

Well, it means that your environment, which you are no doubt doing well in right now will change when you venture out and create your own company. That reality is not in itself a bad thing; however, it is important to understand that you will have a different set of challenges facing you as you venture into the corporate world on your own, in your business.

Just imagine if you were to take all your skills, experience, networks, and industry knowledge and join an established company under a recognised brand

They would provide the infrastructure, know how, mentoring and guidance you will need for success, as well as allowing you to work within a collegiate group of likeminded business owners, totally focused on personal and group success.

The more successful you are the more you will all achieve.

The recruitment and HR consulting market as it is today provides huge opportunities for innovative, specialised, customer focused professionals to make their mark in their own business

The market is actually supporting those giving it a go.

Are you going to miss this real chance to do what you have always said you would do?

A Tanner Menzies Licence provides you with what you need for that significant step into another world of independence, a gateway to higher income earning potential and equity ownership.

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Written by Peter Gleeson