In a recent blog we talked about the critical importance of candidates in the life of a recruitment consultant. There is no doubt that that is the case. Your candidates are clients in their own right, but what about corporate clients? What do they expect from us?

If you said clients are looking to have first choice of best candidates, and are looking to be given the opportunity to recruit team members who will become valued employees, who will stay in their business, often making them look good; then you would be pretty much “on the money”.

If you said that a good client is one who values what you do as a recruiter on their behalf, who treats you as an integral member of their business going forward and often defers to you for advice; again you would be “on point”.

To get to this position of trust with a client you must become known for your ability to identify and provide top candidates for consideration. How do you achieve this? It is vital that you are the first consultant that clients think of when they have a recruitment need.

You need to become an external talent advisor to your clients, regularly keeping them up to date with what is happening in the labor market.

Additionally this relationship may involve participation in forward business planning with regard to new projects, acquisitions, changes in corporate direction, new competitors, unexpected resignations and many other scenarios.

Communication is the best way to develop a productive working relationship. This may be regular contact through direct or indirect approach across various media and process. It is often of advantage to spend time with your client when they do not have a hiring need or by proactively sending them outstanding candidates you know they would benefit their business on occasion. You must make sure it is only the top 10% you “float” in to keep them aware of what is available, and make sure they remember your first choice of the best candidates.

This less invasive approach enables them to listen, absorb and consider what you have to say or offer without the stress associated with making a quick commercial decision based on a vacancy in their business, which is often unexpected.

The client should have you as top of mind such that you are the first they call for assistance when it is needed. Then it is time to act quickly and expediently using the knowledge you have gained of your client over time. The time you spend getting to know your client whilst preparing to work on assignment with them can be golden in terms of a return on that investment.

Tanner Menzies has always been respected for the quality of process and outcomes achieved through their extensive client management programs. The sharing of knowledge and experience is a way of life when working in partnership with Tanner Menzies as a client, candidate or Licensee.

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Written by Peter Gleeson.