The reality of life today is that there is so much advice being offered (if not forced upon us) that it is hard to work out what is relevant to each of us. It’s a confusing world, so how should you set your own expectation levels? This blog post is for candidates who are constantly being told that your career has been in limbo for a few years. Opportunity is everywhere. It’s time to get out there and test the market!

Let’s consider the overall employment marketplace. It’s safe to say that we will never be ‘back to normal’. Long after COVID is over we will be living in a post pandemic world that has effectively changed forever. There is a shortage of skilled and unskilled labor no matter what sector or specialisation you work in. Put simply, there are less people available – whether that be because of closed borders, changes in technology, or because market demands are different. Some sectors such as travel, hospitality, online, and so on, have grown as more people remain in Australia and less arrive to our shores. These changing conditions mean that less people need to do more. If productivity or skill sets are not improved or widened, then ‘the job’ is not going to get done.

Then, when we introduce to the scenario the need to often work and be managed in your home during isolation, then this means that workplace culture and environments have changed forever too.

So, what you may ask is in this article so far for candidates? Well, an explanation of the world as we know it should make you feel more comfortable about the way you feel currently – confused, without direction, burned out, wanting change, not knowing how to achieve change, and many other feelings which create an overriding sense of uncertainty.

If these feelings describe you, you need to try and determine whether your current thinking is justified. Should you stay in your current role, seek another position, or leave without a role for some personal time to consider your future before taking definitive action?

No matter which option you pursue you need to ensure you understand who you are today, what your strengths or skill sets are, and where they are sought after (which could even be your current employer). The simple way to do this is to review your resume, and ensure you spend most time on where you are today and what has changed in recent times. Many folks have developed a whole new range of skills whilst working through the pandemic period. This has meant that job descriptions have changed. Even if it doesn’t feel that way, the job you did and how you did it is different to late 2019!

Without an accurate and relevant resume how can you get anyone interested in what you can offer?

This exercise is also a great way to establish your contribution in your existing role which is very important, particularly if you do want to stay with your current employer. You need to ensure that whilst reviewing market opportunities you don’t lose your job!

So once you have your resume together in a relevant, professionally presented format you are ready to enter the market. This is a topic for discussion on another day, but does involve a cross section of activities, driven by you.

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