Does Covid make you anxious? An action plan for recruiters

There is no doubt the instability the world has experienced during 2020 is unprecedented.  Frankly there is still a fair way to go before we understand what the landscape will look like on the “other side.”

The lack of certainty has also meant that most people are reluctant to step out of their comfort zone, whatever that is. The bottom line is, to continue doing what you have done in the past thinking it will ensure your success in the future is not necessarily going to work.

Albert Einstein said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

In today’s world it is the outcome that differs so you must do things differently to achieve these desired results. Sound confusing? Let’s simplify things.

Whilst some folks are frozen into complacency and a lack of initiative in these volatile times, the enlightened believe opportunity knocks with ongoing change.

The latter group are of the opinion that you have to drive yourself to a new level. They possess the confidence to take what they have done in the past, combine it with the thinking and requirements of the new market place to develop an attractive offering to potential clients.

What if you could do that too and be supported in an environment where you can create your own business enjoying flexibility and returns not previously possible? Putting this further into context you basically do what you do best, executive search and selection, utilising your proven skills and experience.

As part of Tanner Menzies, you would continue do this as a part of a likeminded group of professionals who are similarly focused on providing a specialised service to their loyal client and candidate base.

Further add the ability to tap into a leadership team on an ongoing basis (as part of your business) which includes some of the most successful owners and managers of relevant business models in Australia and internationally with over 40 years of experience.

This group of advisors have a vested interest in your ongoing success but, most importantly, you still get to run it as your business.

So, if Covid does make you anxious and that would be normal, you do need to address how you maximise your potential in this ever-changing world. You are going to need to assess, align and implement a plan for success. In many cases it will be back to square one, but not quite, as you have a lot to offer based on what you have done in recent times.

As a Tanner Menzies Licensee, you bring a lot to the table, mix in the considerable experience, infrastructure and guidance provided to you and you have all need to achieve. You are in business – your own business.  Do not be anxious, this is a real opportunity. Achieve success, your way.