Don’t Let Career Malaise Get To You

There has been an interesting reality developing in the last 18 months which is basically being explained as a qualitative long COVID outcome. Whilst this isn’t part of the normal medical prognosis after you have been unwell during the pandemic, you don’t need to have actually put up with COVID to then suffer the long-term effect which we call “Career Malaise”

Google explains malaise as a general feeling of discomfort, illness or unease, whose exact cause is difficult to identify.

This is exactly what we are observing whether through complete inactivity on the career front or through previously unusual or nonexistent behaviors such as The Great Resignation, Candidate Ghosting to an unprecedented level, or Quietly Quitting, amongst others which have become the focus for many articles and created a whole new jargonistic language for us to use as experts when discussing the economy including talent.

What is happening in the employment market and who is providing this advice to potentially sought-after candidates to sit on their hands? This basically indicates that their fear of moving is created by real concerns about lack of job security.

This not only means that many opportunities in the new world are now being missed but also is creating a level of apathy and a mentality that finding a new more meaningful job is not as it has always been a “job” in itself.

The strategy you need to put in place for success is the one which has you and your skill set as the product for which we the need to create or identify interest in for. It is simple really and a process that has been in place for centuries. Briefly the model of supply and demand applied to the job market as well.

So many people are indicating to us through surveys, verbal feedback and general interaction that they want to change jobs and likely employers in the next 18 months.  When asked for a resume or career overview many haven’t included anything after late 2019 explaining the time after that was affected by COVID. Perhaps we can let prospective employers review that premise, given there is basically no unemployment, high inflation and a continually growing pressure for improved productivity.

The serious message is to understand that if you do want to move out of the career malaise stage, as so many have indicated they do, you need to really understand how competitive your skill set is, what environment you best work in and the style of management you prosper under.

You need to identify 4 to 6 key strengths with real examples of how you have demonstrated these at a superior level. Next make note of what you most relate to culturally, again 4 to 6 values you live in a work environment and next the management traits of those you have been most successful working with. This analysis will provide a template for success you can use when you enter the market and update your resume critically evaluating what you have achieved so far in your career.

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