Double your personal return during Covid

Double your personal return during Covid? You might say that sounds fanciful given the downturn in the market particularly if your workload has dropped by as much as fifty percent. However, if your return per assignment was doubled you would be doing just as well as you did pre-covid.

But how do your double your fee per assignment? We’re glad you asked. If you were to become a Tanner Menzies Licensee, you can earn significantly more than traditional recruitment models for the same amount of work – plus you own the Licence for your sector.

What’s more, when your workload returns to pre-covid levels, you will likely earn nearly double what you would in your current or more recent recruitment role, working for someone else.

Any high performing recruiter has thought about owning their own business at some stage. It’s a logical step and you no doubt may know a number of people who have tried.

Much of the hard work recruiting at any level is getting the job on, sourcing candidates and managing the client – all done by the recruiter. Indeed, developing that client relationship so it supports your (and the owners of the firms) livelihood over time is actually a very individual thing.

The recruiter literally creates value in the space between them, their client and the candidate. The ability to establish that space and the quality of those relationships is what a professional consulting business is founded upon and allows for growth.

Many think they can do it, few know how and as a result only some give it a go. Unfortunately, quite a few people have the skill and attitude to get it right but a lack of guidance and knowledge in setting up and running the business ultimately results in failure for them.

At Tanner Menzies we support our Licensees every step of the way to realise the dream of running their own business. There is no doubt experience counts a lot but if you can combine prior knowledge with a can-do attitude driven by a determination to succeed, you are well on the way to success.

The reality is that as we come out of this pandemic, no matter how well you have fared, there is going to be a need to rebuild your business base in the ‘new’ world. We are already seeing that clients and candidates are taking a different approach as they realign personal and business objectives.

As a Tanner Menzies Licensee, you can adopt a proven model that allows you the flexibility associated with running your own business. You can achieve success your way confident that whilst you are doing what you do best, you’re also part of a larger, well organised group of like-minded owners operating under the same respected brand.