The Great Realisation- Reality is Back with a Bite!

What does the new normal look like?

One thing for sure is that as we enter the New year it feels and indeed things are, different across the spectrum of shareholders playing in the talent landscape. 

Whether they are real or potential candidates, real or potential employers, real or potential service providers to the market or the community…

Attitudes and behaviours have changed, and the power pendulum swings between the groups as conditions vary. Even a slight variation can result in a shift of influence in the hiring process.

Many have become overnight experts during the pandemic; a time that has been acknowledged as not having been experienced by any current living person. Classifications describing what’s apparently happening have become common place and at times contradictory particularly to the next syndrome about to be announced as endemic.

Quiet Quitting versus Quiet Firing are actually complimentary, where one type of behaviour creates another, on the other hand The Great Resignation questions both.

Think about it, it’s no wonder that there is confusion in what was already a volatile marketplace.

The Great Realisation,  we believe, has recently hit the market. It relies on the premise that all players in the recruitment market place genuinely believe they hold the upper hand on the other. 

They don’t and are finally realising that!

What these attitudes have caused is a general slow down in decision making and actual activity. Candidates have been looking for all the new world workplace benefits such as hybrid model, less management interference and measurement, training and development, career advancement, more pay and generally a productive, inclusive culture.

Employers have been wanting greater productivity, less cost, stable not increasing reward, new talent to be readily available, no attrition with less pressure on pricing and cost of delivery. 

Recruiters who are regularly ghosted, have been basically trying to make sense of the last 2 years where candidates and clients, fearing the unknown, have sat on their hands nominating job security as their biggest employment consideration.

Neither the players nor the managers of the process understand the rules (if there are any) and essentially how to play the game.

The Great Rationalisation is in place and growing. Its presence is basically indicating a return to the old normal. Employers are thinking harder about who and what they are looking to employ, what do they really need, do we have the skill set internally, do we need to rationalise or realign our business model, what is our cost per employee, how do we maintain productivity and achieve our objectives. They are developing the brief and instructing their recruiters, good process is returning.

Candidates are becoming more interactive and after some time only talking about a new role they are applying and generally investigating what is available out there. It is a major change to creating their perceived overview of the ideal job and then not finding it. The truth being that it may not exist. 

It a reality check on a return to the old normal.

The recruiter is trying to pull it all together and manage the process through to completion.

They are often successful because that’s what they do, it is their job!

It won’t always be smooth sailing, but it is an encouraging sign we are returning to the way we were, with a twist.

It will be interesting to observe the Great Rationalisation as it comes into full view.

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