Indeed you are having difficulty even finding candidates prepared to consider moving roles, given the instability that everyone is facing in both professional and personal life?

As a Recruitment Consultant, Talent Acquisition Specialist, HR Professional, basically anyone involved in the recruitment process you need to preempt and expect hesitation from candidates and be well prepared for the most challenging questions and requests.  You need to deliver the appropriate response with clarity, authority and credibility to be respected as a trusted advisor.

Everyone in the recruitment process must work as one toward securing the desired outcome.  That is right person, placed in the right position at the right time.  It is a team effort and the value of efficient, professional collaboration cannot be underestimated.

In this blog we don’t have space to address all factors associated with a successful recruitment exercise.  For now, we can share some insight into how to handle some of the most challenging aspects.

Flexibility – Workplace balance is here to stay, the pandemic made it a necessity, the aftermath will demand continued work/life balance.  Generally speaking, employees want to continue with some proportion of time working from home, employers want to have their teams in the office at least on occasion. This needs to be discussed and agreed in terms of everyone’s tolerance levels upfront and ongoing, it should not be put to one side.

Remuneration – is a tricky one as material reward is ultimately no longer the sole motivator and any opportunity needs to be looked at as a total package.  Employers must be prepared to introduce and detail other benefits that set their offer positively aside, further it is possible that they are not “THE Employer of Choice” in their space.  Perception is often not reality; the hiring manager may have been in their environment for a long time, they will need to clearly understand the comparative value of their offering, ensuring they have a good understanding of what is on offer from other organisations such that they can remain competitive.

Career progression – Let’s break this down a little and understand what people are looking for, is it realistic? The traditional trajectory of planning a lifetime of work has changed, what can candidates expect in this company in terms of their one, then 3 year plan?  Who cannot go out further than that with confidence-lets simplify the discussion, candidates are wanting clarity and to have confidence in what they can expect.

Stability – This is one of the biggest “hurdles” put forward today for hesitation in changing roles.  In reality, most companies have had considerable change in the last 3 years and will continue to do so.  Nothing is guaranteed, other than there will be change, yet candidates feel security in the environment they believe they know, even though this can change dramatically within a dayIf a potential job seeker nominates job security as the major factor in decision making, we need to acknowledge their hesitation, then provide support, reiterating that ultimately the only constant in life is change (now more so than ever) and accepting to “stay put” will inevitably put them behind their competition.  Do not be afraid to address this directly with candidates and clients alike.  The crystal ball is cloudy.

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Written by Peter Gleeson