Higher Reward for Recruiters- Your Time Starts Now

It’s been many years since the Australian unemployment rate has been this low. 

Competition for skilled resources by companies and organisations has been intense and continues unabated. Search firms and executive recruitment firms have been successful by utilising their methodologies and resources to secure solutions for their clients. The development of new technology in the recruitment industry has ensured consultants can secure solutions. What has been noticeable is that executives will move if it’s a good career opportunity without putting themselves at risk. 

Risk aversion for executives is strong despite the high-quality competition for their skills and experience. Similarly, in the recruitment industry, the competition for skilled recruiters is high and the opportunity for increased personal financial reward is there but largely under incentive and bonus performance opportunities. This is where Tanner Menzies unique offer returns high rewards for experienced recruitment consultants. You get the opportunity to work with an established brand, Tanner Menzies.  At Tanner Menzies “where leaders are found” we ensure that the people and organisations we interact with receive service recognisable for its quality and professionalism. 

So, do you think you can do it for yourself and take a higher, much higher reward for your skills and experience? 

Off course you can with Tanner Menzies. Now, you are working from home, working your own hours, interviewing using technology, and generally “running your own show”. You represent rust and brand awareness. As a Tanner Menzies licensee, you keep the highest percentage of the fee, and Tanner Menzies provides the known brand and the back-office support including the financial platform and CRM.

Want to get more rewards, want to make more money? Enquire about becoming a Tanner Menzies Licensee, if it works favourably, you can achieve success your way with certainty delivered. For opportunities across Australia, Email us [email protected] or call us at 03 91908904 for a confidential discussion and more information.