There has been much discussion lately about how difficult it is to find and secure good candidates, a lot of what we have “always” done is “not working”

They must be out there, and they are, however they are concerned about their future, preferring for now to keep their heads down.  But they are taking note.

A lot has happened in the last 18 months or so and this has led to uncertainty.

In order to attract the best available talent to your shortlist, you need to identify, approach, and convince potential candidates of the opportunity, it’s unlikely they will respond to an advertisement.

Many are now looking for more than simply an increase in salary, or snazzy benefits package.  They are wanting more.  Flexibility.  Security.  Ownership.  Pride.  And potential for future growth and remuneration.

The good news is the role of the recruiter in this process has never been more important, candidates are looking for quality, objective advice on what is available and how they could fit into a successful hiring scenario.

If you are a recruiter in this market, you are likely to be facing challenges, most agencies are numbers focused as your role has likely changed in recent times.

Management is pushing hard to get activity levels up, often pushing the case that the more you do the greater the number of placements you will achieve, often disregarding that urgency and focus primarily on volume of activity often leads to a lack of quality outcomes.

In some ways less is more, particularly in these candidate short times.

Just for a minute reflect on how good it would be if you placed half the number of candidates, you presently do, but received the same financial reward.

Let’s look at it another way, you place the same number of candidates and receive double what you do under your current arrangement.


No, it is reality when working under a Licensee arrangement, literally the equivalent of two for one in terms of return.

Further, whilst many of us became used to significant flexibility, we are finding that management is wanting us to come back into the office, at least for some time each week, with the likelihood of this requirement increasing.  What if you decided how much, if any time you spent in your office each week – you choose the location, the hours and the way you structure your business.

As a Licensee you can.

Let’s move onto stability, in terms of a hesitation to join a new company or staying with your current company in these uncertain times. The bottom line is that there is still a lot of change likely to occur in this dynamic market, no one can guarantee your job, team or company will remain forever.

Take on the challenge – be your own boss, in your own company taking advantage of our growing economy in a supported way.  Focus on doing what you do best – identifying top talent and assisting them in managing their careers and be rewarded in so many ways.

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Written by Peter Gleeson