Innovative model attracting entrepreneurial recruiters

Innovation – it’s a term that you hear from almost every established company looking for a new way to stay relevant.

So what does innovation look like for an established recruitment business?

You can look at innovation from a couple of perspectives. If we’re talking about the new-tech tools a recruiter can use to connect top talent with the right position, there are all kinds of budding innovations being adopted. For example, the company Unilever recruits more than 30,000 people a year and processes around 1.8 million job applications. They have reinvented their recruitment strategy by implementing an AI-driven candidate sorting and assessment approach saving the company an estimated 70,000 hours of candidate screening.

While these kinds of bold innovations improve the recruitment process, when it comes to working for a recruitment company, innovation can only be realised through the business model and the satisfaction of those who work under it.

Take Tanner Menzies for example – at a time when many recruiters are seeking a higher degree of autonomy, flexibility and financial returns, Tanner Menzies has spearheaded change and transition in the Australasian recruitment landscape with a model that enables all of the above.

In early 2019 Tanner Menzies introduced a unique licensee model that provides a growth platform for recruitment entrepreneurs. It’s a model that not only gives licensee’s access to tried and tested state-of-the-art CRM and ATS technology, but it attracts and empowers the most talented recruiters.

Which brings us to the next indicator of innovation– recruiter satisfaction. The Tanner Menzies model is an empowering one for entrepreneurial licensees. They can build their own business within an established consultant network, while enjoying the financial returns of being a business owner and the flexible working entitlements that come along with it.

With on-going support and mentoring from senior leadership teams, it’s the type of innovative licensee model that sees recruiters reap the rewards of business ownership, yet with far fewer risks.

As Tanner Menzies licensee Neal Ford says, “There is freedom and flex about how you can operate. There’s no wasted meeting times, you generate income for yourself and the effort you put in reflects your remuneration and lifestyle.”

Internal perception is an incredibly important part of the equation when analysing the success of an innovative shift. When a brand like Tanner Menzies can adapt to empower entrepreneurs, their earning potential becomes whatever they choose to make of it. In addition, they have the opportunity to adapt and control their working hours providing greater flexibility to suit their lifestyle.

There is currently no upfront cost to become a Tanner Menzies licensee. If you aspire to take the next step in your recruitment career, get in touch today for a confidential conversation about how a Tanner Menzies Licence can work for you.