Empathically, no!

Let me share a recent situation that presented itself which reinforced just how important the recruiter’s role is in achieving a successful hiring outcome.

In a recent business meeting with our Licensees, a clear theme around the Zoom table was frustration being experienced through candidate flakiness and client procrastination, resulting in poor conversion rates. Questions were asked about the value of using a professional recruiter in the process.

The discussion reminded me of one of my very good and long-term clients who one day in the earlier stages of our relationship, after we successfully completed a recruitment exercise, asked for a discount.

The reason offered was that we had met every expectation he had in terms of quality of shortlist, time to complete, overall validity of process and smoothness of operation. Plus two of the three candidates were spot on, with the third a little too experienced.

“It should not be that easy,” he said. The candidates seemed to know all they needed to know about the role, the interviewee got on well with all on the shortlist, and in fact had trouble making a final decision on whom to hire.

“The candidates probably came from your database.” He continued.

“Thomas”, (lets call him ‘Doubting Thomas’) I explained, “you are correct, two out of three are from my database, but where do you think the database came from? Many years of searching, head hunting, networking, advertising and interviews meant I was ready to provide a relevant shortlist in a timely fashion. The third candidate put forward came from my search to check out current potential candidates not previously identified.

The reason the candidates were so well prepared for their interviews was because you and I took time to ensure I understood what you were looking for, we created an appropriate brief and then spoke with the participants about the role, they were well briefed. A number of other candidates interested in the role were not put forward, the broader review being part of the process. Importantly, we also detailed the shortlist to you, Thomas, so you were aware of why the various candidates were presented for consideration.”

Close communication with all parties over time meant that people were informed on progress, expectations set and the robust process in place allowed us to function cooperatively such that a smooth, careful and efficient process took place. The successful candidate fitted the brief to perfection and was keen to get started.

The client, although requiring a little managing, was extremely happy with the outcome and realised that the service provided was not only beyond his original expectation but indeed provided good value to his business.

When you take the time to step back through the process, you realise that the role of the recruiter is needed more than ever before given the additional challenges we face in keeping assignments on track in the new world in which we operate.

So if you are a proven recruiter and looking for the chance to enjoy the benefits of business ownership, give us a call to have a chat about becoming a Tanner Menzies Licensee, others are doing just that.

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Written by Peter Gleeson.