The only real answer we have is that regardless of whether it is the last in the series, it is time to come out from under your COVID blanket and get on with your career.

If you don’t it will be at your own peril, because others are…

There has been much said recently by politicians, press, business leaders and the average ‘joe on the street’ about things getting back to normal and how good it is to feel secure in the fact that life will soon return to the good ‘ole 2019 conditions personally and economically.

Let’s think about that.

The reality is life was not looking that good pre-COVID with relatively high unemployment (above 5%), productivity was showing weak growth, there had been a number of disappointing corporate results and we were underperforming in terms of GDP by global comparison.

Do we want to return to that?

Good news is that growth through 2021 has improved dramatically and expectations are that the Australian economy will grow by something like 4.5% this year, which will mean the nation will have outperformed all major advanced economies.

Why are we still hearing that people are looking for stability at work and that they have enjoyed the flexibility that working from home, at least in part, has given them.

Many folks have said it has been hard enough to get through the last 18 months, conditions have been way too challenging to even think about their career.

Then, in the same breath those same folks maintain they have lost that time forever in terms of advancement or progression, additionally they have not developed new skills and may have become less competitive in the market.

The reality is we are coming out the other side with a new world awaiting us, business is strong, employment better than it was in 2019, companies are looking for new skill sets as part of their growth strategy and confidence is generally buoyant albeit the appetite for risk needs a kick along.

There is simply no excuse not to consider your employment options.

In most organisations there is a need to rebuild the business under todays rules and conditions, which are different to the last time you likely reviewed the market.

If, for example, you are a recruitment consultant or manager you understand challenging times, you have likely been there before. Times of change mean you may change companies, territories or roles and have a need to rebuild your profile, normally using many skills you have developed over time.

For many in the industry that time is again now, so if you need to do that, why not build your own business rather than create wealth for someone else?

If you are concerned about not having a brand, infrastructure, strategy or guidance or the other things you need to establish a successful services business, relax.

There is an attractive, ready for market option to consider…

If you are a high performing consultant, manager or owner working in the recruitment space consider becoming a Tanner Menzies Licensee, the model is already working well in this very opportune market we are currently enjoying.

If you would like to hear more, just ask us, we love to share success.

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Written by Peter Gleeson