It’s About The Brand

This is a question not uncommonly asked of us when speaking with prospective new Licensees considering the move to join our company and enjoy the benefits of our unique business model. 

We will reflect on that model and the outstanding opportunity to become a business owner shortly, but it is first very important to understand just how important the brand you will be operating under is to the overall success of your new career venture.

If you agree that most successful personal and business relationships rely heavily on trust and confidence and that there must be mutual respect amongst stakeholders, then it is likely that you would also recognize the importance of brand recognition.

Let’s take Tanner Menzies as an example here.

The company started from humble beginnings in 1988, operating from a small office in South Yarra. Over time we moved closer to the city as revenue grew. It opened in Sydney in 1990 and then progressively around Australia and Hong Kong. When it divested to a major global workforce management company in 2002 there were close to 200 employees servicing a broad cross section of Australian and International industries . Tanner Menzies was respected as one of  the most reliable, trusted, and innovative business partners in an already competitive marketplace and worked with many organizations, no matter the size, assisting them grow profitably through the provision of superior executive search and selection and recruitment services. 

Many companies included Tanner Menzies as part of their business planning processes as they provided valuable insight to the employment sector and the prevailing and future market conditions. The Tanner Menzies brand was aligned to success and recognized as a company that many people wanted to work for and with as employees, candidates, or clients.

When we were evaluating whether to reintroduce Tanner Menzies into the Australian business scene in 2018, it became very clear in a short period of time that good memories remained regarding the brand. Many of our earlier candidates were now senior industry players, many board members previous executives who had chosen Tanner Menzies as partners to assist in their operational roles and indeed many of the “old team” members were still in the industry. These all were a positive testament to the reality that what Tanner Menzies provided across the shareholder spectrum whether that be clients, candidates or employees created benchmarks for the future, to be pursued by others.

That’s what a superior brand enables, the ability to replicate what is trusted, reliable and productivity enhancing , across all business aspects.

Tanner Menzies has stood the test of time and can now provide you with the opportunity to combine your skills and experience with such a well-respected brand. You will soon become recognized as a Leader in your field working with one of the most respected brands in the marketplace.

Wish to know more?

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