Welcome back! We hope your holiday season was enjoyable and restful. Now that you are back at work, it must be good to see things have improved since last year…or have they? Many people we spoke to over the break said they had taken time to reflect on what was important to them in life.

The last year or more was filled with substantially changed business practices and many people working from home. From this, an unexpected opportunity has arisen for workers to reassess what they are prepared to compromise on, work wise, when compared to historical workplace environments.

This evaluation has generally been undertaken with the aim of achieving a greater balance between professional and personal lives. Rather than complete this evaluation on an individual basis lets have a look at some of the new age, post COVID terminologies that have become part of our day to day vocabulary…

  • Hybrid
  • Flexibility
  • Home schooling/parenting
  • Communication
  • Compromise
  • ‘The Great Resignation’
  • Proactivity (or lack of it)
  • Culture and its importance
  • Reduced working hours/ salaries/reward
  • Changes to Job descriptions
  • Micro-management
  • Ineffectual middle management
  • Paralysis by analysis
  • Lack of leadership
  • Market realities
  • Candidates versus clients

This ‘reality check sheet’ is only partly completed. Hopefully it includes some of the factors you considered over the last four weeks.

We suggest you review and compare the incomplete list provided in your own time and decide if your current role provides you what you seek in regard to each ‘work factor’. What are you considering for 2022 and beyond?

This overview or role evaluation should enable an initial comparison for almost any position today, and any future roles you may work in or aspire to.

For now, we will only address a few of the variables in the context of running your own business in the professional service space, specifically recruitment.

To summarise, many recruiters are being asked to return to the office (on less reward than previously) being supervised by ineffectual management who were not supportive over recent times. In many cases, this is based on ‘activity’ targets across expanded job roles, in a culture which is competitive, insecure and totally driven by outcomes.

No wonder we are getting many queries about ‘The Great Resignation’ and whether the enquirer should leave their current employment without a job because they are burned out, disillusioned, and have plenty of options! Maybe they should, but finding a job is a job and it is always easier to secure a new role whilst employed.

It may be more productive to ask us about any of the above mentioned ‘work factors’. Get ready for some extremely positive responses in terms of what you can expect in owning your own Tanner Menzies license, particularly at a time when the recruitment industry has arguably never provided greater opportunity. Of course, you have to do it right, and have access to experienced proven industry leaders as you establish and grow. Luckily, we can provide that for you, speak to us about how.

If you have been treading water for a little while, you can regain that ground quickly. Alternatively, if you have been enjoying success during this time, let’s talk about capitalising on that performance!

Time to get selfish and enjoy company ownership! We know how to help you.

At Tanner Menzies we know what it takes to thrive in this post-COVID environment. Call Peter Gleeson 0419367569, Ian Stacy 0417478229 or Peter Tanner 0419826637 or visit for more information.