Here we go again. Having thought long and hard about what you are going to do with your career during the festive season, you have decided nothing!

It’s not the time to assume all is stable, it’s just the opposite! We got through the second wave of COVID in Victoria and it looks as though the Northern beaches cluster is sorted, but realistically we are waiting for the next “viral event”. Let’s plan around it and get on with life…

During the break, many company executives in all sectors, particularly professional services such as recruitment and outsourced human resources, have been thinking about how they are positioned for the new calendar year. Many already restructured late last year and look quite different today.  Most have predicted a changing economic landscape that will require reviewing product offerings and what skill sets are needed to meet the demands of our new world.

The good news is this will create lots of employment opportunities, although this may be at the expense of talent who were competitive experience-wise as recently as 12 months ago. Those who are no longer able to compete successfully will need to be moved on to work in less demanding environments or upskill to progress in the workplace.

There is also a genuine fear of the unknown in terms of what the world looks like down the track and right now trusted advisors are sought after. Although there is much discussion regarding the “new world”, the reality is that tried and tested business principles will still provide the recipe for success for most organisations.

The source of the unsettlement, a global pandemic, is reasonably unique in recent history. The aftermath presents many questions, but the solution(s) can be identified and implemented utilising proven models and strategies.

During the last year, organisations have undergone a substantial change to now be in a position where even more change is needed to remain competitive. Many companies have changed suppliers or have not been as attentive to existing providers, particularly concerning their workforce needs. Many are looking for a new approach. This does mean opportunity, but in most cases for consultants/recruiters, it requires a significant rebuilding of client and candidate bases.

It’s like starting again as companies restructure, many decision-makers have changed, candidates are more astute yet demanding and the marketplace is extremely competitive.

Let’s not see how 2021 pans out, but instead be proactive and use all of the skills and experience you have to re-establish yourself as a top performer, who can excel during these recovering times. Be the one people look to for advice on achieving their business objectives through the quality and capability of their people.

If you agree that you are going to need to rebuild your profile, why not do it in your own business at zero start-up cost, working with some of the best in the business to achieve a level of financial return never enjoyed by even a high performer working in someone else’s business.

Consider joining this growing group of like-minded recruitment and H.R. professionals who have decided this is going to be their year!

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Written by Peter Gleeson