With what appears to be a return to a level of normality in the new COVID world we will be living in, will work environments really change to the extent that is being espoused by many pundits in terms of freedom and work life balance?

Central Business Districts have been emptied of workers, and so have car parks, suburban offices, industrial estates and regional office complexes. Will we see workers, management, executives, and bureaucrats return?

The forced shift to working from home by Government directives and closed borders has created a new dynamic where technology has become an enabler. This has reduced the daily commuter requirement, reduced the on site face to face presence requirement, opened up participation from office to remote locations, increased matrix management and working structures, most significantly in the services sectors.

So, what will change this and bring people back together in a co-working environment and see office space demand return for the landlord? Human Nature…we are social beings that get satisfiers from the face to face, in person interaction.

Think about it, can you have a schnitzel sandwich at home? You can but its not as easy as getting one at the café near work. Are you “allowed” to have that schnitzel sandwich at home for lunch? Schnitzel sandwiches, real coffee, conversations and the need for interaction will bring workers back to the office.

It will not be five days a week, but will be three days office and two days home or four days office and one home etc. Only yesterday I observed 8 people queued outside a café, I wonder if they were waiting for a schnitzel sandwich?

The lure of a tasty schnitzel sandwich shared with workmates, and otherwise not really available in the metropolitan home office environment, (particularly when you add the associated office chat) will be just one of the soft ”things” returning to the office workers will crave. And why not, its hard to get a good one with the trimmings!

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Written by Ian Stacy.