Shake Your Covid Hangover

We have been conversing with a lot of professionals this year and much has been said about how good we all feel that we can see the effects of COVID in the rear-view mirror and it’s great that we can now look forward to being able to get on with life and importantly continue to pursue our career aspirations.

Yes, agreed it has been frustrating, if not concerning how we have had to comply with lots of regulations often taking direction at work and play from people we don’t normally follow at that level of scrutiny. Whether it be lock down, working from home, home educating our kids, restricted exercise, no travel, wearing masks, the contentious subject of vaccination and more, these have all become day to day if not hour to hour discussions we have and need to consider the implications of, for at least a couple of years. 

So, it has been life changing and has indeed put a hold on many plans to do with study, work, family, travel, business aspirations, renovating your house, taking on financial commitment, job stability, even down to buying a new suit, that is if you could find a retail outlet open or go online which is another aspect that has found a new dimension in the way we live.

If you find yourself nodding regarding the way we now approach life and also acknowledge that we are moving through to that next post COVID recovery stage, can you please explain why so many of you are doing nothing to get your life back on an even keel like you said you would, once things normalized a little.

When we looked at this subject at the beginning of 2022, we concluded that many of you were sitting on your hands because of uncertainty and the post trauma effects being felt throughout the community. 

Now 6 months on you are not only sitting on your hands but it appears as if you have a really bad hangover, not knowing what to do next, hoping this wretched feeling will go away and that a bex (analgesic) and a good lie down will fix it. 

Sorry, but this is one thing you are going to need to fix yourself, through a smart action plan.

Shake of your hangover!

Bottom line is, many of the negatives you could hide behind since beginning of 2020 have gone away or are at a tolerable level.

Here’s to naming a few:

The virus is basically under control if you are vaccinated. Companies are making profit and have started to share some with key employees. Cultures are reforming as people return to their workplace-at least in hybrid roles. There is a skill shortage with plenty of jobs available. Australia has survived the major challenges comparatively well and there are many opportunities for up skilling . 

These are only a few of reasons why you should be in the market exploring options. To not do this means you are regressing. It’s fine if your research validates where you are currently hiding away is the place to be, but you need to consider your options. You will be highly surprised to find how many are there!

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