We are currently inducting some new Licensees into our business and it has been very interesting to review just how much of a job it is to get ‘market ready’ for that first day. What’s more, you then need to have an infrastructure supporting you to essentially compete with companies who may have been in business for a number of years. You must also deliver based on what are often high expectations set by clients and candidates.

That being said, it is also gratifying to see Licensees benefit directly from the opportunity to operate within a proven model, working with a team that have done it before and who are like-minded in their pursuit of mutual success.

To then observe Licensees secure their first assignment, practice what they do best, (namely recruiting) and follow through to the placement is exciting. Then, they raise their invoice – which they receive the majority of! This provides a feeling of great satisfaction, and instills confidence that the model that has been designed specifically for this outcome does a terrific job.

Repeat this process just one or two times and you now have an extremely rewarding business that has the ability to continue growing, with the Licensee realising their career ambition in their own company.

Why do so many people think about starting their own professional services business, particularly in these volatile times?

We are now part way through our attraction initiative and there have been many issues mentioned by recruiters (currently employed elsewhere) that are creating cynicism.

Commonly mentioned negatives include:

  • Over management
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Declining income
  • Future/security uncertainty
  • Changing responsibilities
  • Cultural change
  • Internal competition for recognition and reward
  • An expectation that reduced hours/remuneration is ‘ok’ and unlikely to be recognised as the market recovers.

The discussion often leads to a realisation that a Licensee model addresses all of the above positively, plus enables ownership.

If you are looking to kick-start your own business utilising a proven model for success in an industry you know, review our website and then contact us for an exploratory chat. You do not need to leave the industry (which apparently a number of people are doing) you just need to approach it differently. Why always wonder?

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Written by Peter Gleeson.