Taking The Leap of Faith as a Tanner Menzies Licensee

Much discussion “in the streets” along the lines of how work/life priorities have changed and why should workers make money for a business owner when they don’t even provide a pleasant work environment to work, has led to so many to choose work from home.

A recent blog emphasized that a business owner cannot expect their team will have the same level of dedication, commitment, and desire to succeed as they do. What’s more their team may begrudge that they are making substantially more than they do. Plus, the owner is normally the last to leave the business if times get tough.

Tanner Menzies, through its License model, has been assisting high performing recruiters to successfully transition into their own business since 2017.

Let’s look at the motivators to make that critical decision to move into your own business and how today it is makes sense strategically to take that career direction.

One of the major strengths of all our Licensees is an unwavering confidence in their ability to be successful in their own business.

Sure, there may have been extenuating factors such as micromanagement often coupled with poor leadership, lack of reward and recognition, cultural disintegration, inflexibility, a poor brand and more which led to a re-think on where they were and where they wanted to be in these changing times. 

Some originally mentioned job security as a primary reason to stay where they were however soon realized nothing is certain, as they or others in their organization fell victim to the need to “restructure” often driven by cost reduction initiatives.

It is interesting that many of the reasons that prospective Licensees sighted as causing frustration in their current roles were positively addressed in the License model where they owned their specialist recruitment company. 

They expressed a need to work with other like-minded professionals who were not competing with them and saw that the overall achievement of business objectives was the “sum of the whole” not a collection of individual results. The more successful the various License businesses are the more valuable each entity is, it’s simple.

Add to it the previously highlighted strength of an unwavering confidence to be successful and then compare the freedom of doing what you do now with having your own business in a tried and tested model. You will be working with others who value autonomy, collaboration, strong branding, work/life flexibility, way above industry reward and recognition and the authority to make your decision on where you want to go in your career.

You will be working with some of the most respected recruitment professionals in the industry. Give us a call to discuss the concept of working for yourself rather than someone else in a collegiate likeminded environment where everyone is working toward mutual success.

To know more, please call Peter Gleeson, Ian Stacy or Peter Tanner (03) 9190 8904 or visit tannermenzies.net.au