Tanner Menzies – Trust Me?

Trusted brand … how often have your heard this? It is usually a promise or an aspiration. A trusted brand is conferred by its customers and clients and often they decide the products and services that give the brand its trusted reputation . In many instances, this is underpinned by the people associated with the brand and can include employees, suppliers, consultants, licensees and associates.

Ever contemplated what made you choose a particular brand? Was it the heritage of the brand, the person associated with it or the quality of the product or service the brand offered? There are many other factors you could consider. Tanner Menzies challenges the way executive selection is undertaken.

Tanner Menzies has a long heritage in Australia. Tanner Menzies founder, Peter Tanner and partners, Peter Gleeson and Ian Stacy have been part of the change and transition in the recruitment and consulting services industry since the 1990’s!

Companies have become more selective when undertaking executive selection and seek experienced consultants, specialist services, proven methodology and value-added outcomes. This needs to be underpinned with a trusted brand. 2021 will be a new year with a lot of opportunity and when working with Tanner Menzies, experienced recruiters can look to keep a higher percentage of their fees. Tanner Menzies invites experienced recruiters to make a confidential inquiry with us regarding a license to use the Tanner Menzies brand in your specialist sector, industry, discipline and/or region.  Contact Ian Stacy in the first instance [email protected]