The Award Season Has Arrived

It’s that time of the year again and many of the awards that recognize outstanding achievement amongst those who have worked so hard across a range of industries throughout Australia and New Zealand, are soon to be announced.

Now into my fourth decade of providing recruitment services to a broad range of clients, it has been an honour to have again been appointed as a judge in the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association Awards.

Clearly, it would be inappropriate to discuss specific details of the awards or those who are nominated for them in what has again this year been a fiercely contested playing field on an individual and company basis. The level of achievement continues to drive the competitive bar even higher across a range of measures that determine who is acknowledged amongst all quarters as the benchmark or gold standard in terms of outcomes and performance.

The recruitment industry is very demanding on those who work in it. Most people have worked in a cross-section of expertise within the sector. Often, expectations are not mutually agreed upon at the start of a process. Therefore, the result is not always ideal, but many times it does go very smoothly and the results are golden.

A good relationship between a candidate, company, and recruiter is incredibly valuable and beneficial to all shareholders, in a way that can drive the overall success of many careers and business projects. Most successful companies will maintain that the primary reason for their success is the people they have in their business.

The reality is that a recruiter’s main objective in working for an organization is to find the right people for the job, in a role that best utilizes their experience and skill set, in an environment in which they will prosper. This process is often completed within short timeframes.

What are the qualities one looks for in a top recruiter?

The list is very long but, in our experience, a top recruiter must be a good communicator a skill which is complimented by the ability to build strong, trust-based relationships. These qualities will form the basis of an outstanding sales and marketing capability driven by determination and a never say die attitude.

Ideally, this professional understands technology and the tools they can use to communicate with clients and candidates alike. They understand how to prioritize their workload in a world that changes very quickly and demands that mean you must be multi-tasking.

A top recruiter possesses good listening skills and an ability to relate to others often under stressful conditions. 

Integrity is a non-negotiable trait as you work with very confidential, potentially sensitive, personal and commercial information. Roll all these skills into a professional package, add a fierce determination to win and you have a person you can entrust your career or talent plan with.

If you are really good, you may win an award!

Importantly the above characteristics and strengths become part of your personal brand, and that’s exactly what you are recognized for. You also help set the benchmark for performance in an industry that is guided toward best practice by outstanding organizations such as the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association which is the peak body for recruitment, staffing and workforce solutions across Australia and New Zealand.

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