The Best Foot Forward For 2023

Moving into the festive season it is always a good time for a review on what we have learnt during the past year and use that for the basis of a plan for success in regard to what will be the major objectives for next year and how we will achieve those .

When we sat down recently to plan forward, we realized that to best attain the desired result we need to understand the “don’ts” in regard to how we view our world


Continue to do what you have always done and expect an improved or better outcome. It doesn’t make sense. You need to critically review how you are doing things and if there is a better way of doing them. Look at how others tackle specific problems, refer to trusted sources of information to widen your knowledge and identify one or more people who do this well and observe how they do. Most activities are learned behavior. So, if you originally were taught or shown incorrectly, you will intuitively not perform at the best level. The important thing here is to understand you can do better!


Forget to review opportunities! At a very minimum, you can determine that you are currently in the best place. How can you possibly determine that you are where you can be the best you can be if you don’t compare it to others.


Blame others for your inactivity in regard to constantly improving your offering to the market. In recent times, many folks have literally “sat on their hands” in terms of improving their skill set, knowledge and overall capability, as a result they are less competitive. Often the reason for not doing anything is that it has been too hard with all the challenges in life, blaming others in their work and personal life for lack of encouragement to improve.

However, some people have been improving their offering and are now reaping the benefit


Think opportunity will come to you. You need to be proactive!

With high employment, market perception is that there are many roles available with a degree of complacency in the economy. Many workers think they can easily change jobs to be in a better place at any time.

As per the last point much of today’s talent is not as skilled as it needs to be and hirers are getting tired of Quiet Quitting, Candidate Ghosting and the emerging presence of a Counteroffer. They are not chasing candidates as hard as they could.

Candidates must drive the process and be committed to it.

This scenario will worsen as the market for talent improves during 2023/4


Think others are as passive as you are! The market is active and a lot is happening with recruiters enjoying record times because they have strong networks and know where to search. If you are not on their radar, you will miss the opportunity(s) that are on offer as they often do not reach the broader market.

Remember, to be seen is to be considered.


Blame “Job Security” for prompting you to nothing and stay where you are. Job Security is a myth and only lasts as long as an employer can afford you. Normally because you have a contemporary skill set which they need to enhance their profitability. Unfortunately, things change it will be said its not you its your job which becomes redundant. That’s why it is even more important for you to know what’s available.

These are a few of the DON’T’s to consider as you enter 2023.

If any of these sound a bit like you or what you are currently doing call us to discuss what we know about the DO’s, you will be surprised…

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