Seriously, who knows what is going on since we first heard the Global Pandemic being explained on the evening news? Since then (lets say since February 2020) the world has changed and the attitude to so many things has taken on new meaning.

The reality being that so many people have been reassessing what is important to them and what their future should look like, what they are prepared to sacrifice and where their careers currently sit in terms of life’s priorities.

What is more, is that it seems different demographics have different priorities.

Lets review some of the critical elements of the job evaluation that has led some people to reevaluate whether they wish to stay in their current role:

Flexibility is high on the list, with many employees saying no to the request for a return to work, job share, working from home at least for some part of the week and the ability to complete family commitments. This has all become super important.

The actual job has become questioned with employees asking themselves:

  • ‘Is this really what I want to do in the future?’,
  • ‘Can my skills allow me to work in an allied field or even better pivot to go into a new career direction?’
  • ‘Is what I have now what I want in the future, and does this allow me grow my career and enable me to realise my potential?’
  • ‘Does my current organisation provide training and development, leadership, equal opportunity, fair remuneration and recognition to reward my effort.
  • ‘Is the balance between management guidance and autonomy being met?’

These are often many things considered in a job move, but also included is a collegiate or interactive workplace which allows discussion and reinforcement for the existing employment, which have not been available during the pandemic.

Many people are feeling burned out and basically under appreciated which has created a new phenomenon in the market – ‘The Great Resignation’ put simply is where previously trusted, reliable and productive employees are resigning without a new job to go to as they reconsider where they are in life. They are taking a break.

It is particularly evident in the 25-40 year old, mid career population who want to take a deep breath and seriously consider their options. The pandemic has provided a stop opportunity to allow people to reevaluate where they are headed. They feel that they can do this as we are in an extremely positive space in terms of high employment there are plenty of jobs in the market and many recruitment efforts from employers and recruiters trying to attract them.

It’s a great time to be reevaluating and looking for new challenges and rewards. COVID has created many new roles, some of which were changing regardless, so these positive employment conditions have heightened the confidence of potential candidates.

The Great Resignation is real. If companies are not considering and addressing the variables mentioned above and realigning them to ensure they are providing best practice, their problem will not be recruitment but rather the retention of existing human assets.

Can you relate to what is focused on in this article?  Then it is likely time for you to seriously explore a change in your career direction, there are options.

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Written by Peter Gleeson.