Time For Reflection: Tips to Do an End-of-Year Review

Hard to believe that another financial year is about to finish, isn’t it?  It’s a great opportunity to review how things have gone regarding achieving your objectives for FY2022

There is no doubt that as the second full financial year under the influence of COVID concludes, many of our traditional targets changed, moving away from those focused on financial and career advancement to be at least as heavily weighted toward more qualitative, well-being and balance of life aspirations. 

In order to reset goals and prepare for the new FY, we need to review what we did achieve this year. Let’s put down a few pointers for consideration and you can complete your own analysis on what you have achieved.

Financially there are many opportunities for improvement over the year with full portfolios of work, improving productivity and record profits. Unfortunately, on an individual level they have often been hard to realize because of external and internal competition, coupled with lack of recognition and confusion around accountability, how did you fare?

Working from home has been very much embraced but it has changed job descriptions and measurement in many corporate structures leading to change and uncertainty about how this aspect will play out in the future; how did it turn out for you?

Flexibility is an increasingly important career criterion for many. This aspect has been affected by the call for a return to the office and greater team-based focus. The introduction of more restrictions on workers freedom is causing issues; what’s your take on this?

Rebuilding your personal profile is what many professionals have had to do. Whether it be because of changed workplace arrangements or market pressure; how did you fare?

Culture and Leadership have been under real pressure as traditional structures and accountability have changed, in many cases leaders have had to justify their positions as less management is perceived to be needed. Organizational culture, if not robust, has suffered. How has your management team and its approach to maintaining an inclusive culture fared? 

Personally, the last year has been very taxing for many in respect to health, family, financial and social aspects; how did it go for you?

Job Security has been so often offered as a reason for not moving companies, but reality is that no job is completely secure, particularly in such turbulent times. Have you moved or are looking to in the new year?

Opportunities abound in the marketplace. If you haven’t had a look outside your door yet, should you?

Global Influence and the pandemic have all weighed heavily on our minds and affected our lives, but there is little you can do to directly influence these factors so consider them but make a decision career-wise that is best for you, shouldn’t you?

There are lots of questions, but EOFY is a time for reflection, which you should do. 

We help many professionals daily with these questions but if you are an experienced recruiter and would like to be able to answer positively to what you have achieved at the end of next year, give us a call for a chat. We have a proven model which enables all of the above plus ownership.

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