Not sure if you have noticed, but there is a lot going on just outside your door and further afield as well – in our central business districts, along the borders, and internationally. If everything looks the same to you, turn on the TV or have a look at the topic of post-COVID changes in society. You may be surprised at what is happening, and it’s mostly good!

There is no doubt that things are moving, and you need to seriously consider being part of this new world or be left behind. It’s not too late, but the time is now.

COVID, whilst causing a lot of inconvenience, challenge and change has also been used as an excuse time and again for doing nothing about self-development and career advancement.

For those who have moved employers during the pandemic (in most cases because they had to, following existing employer changes), in some cases, they may have taken on the job as a compromise. Now, they are still using COVID as an excuse. Come on, it’s time to restart your career!

Those who have put off testing the market because of ‘the need for job security’ were wrong at the time and continue to be so. The only constant is change, and it’s possible you could be in the market without the ability to control this need sometime soon.

Some said companies were struggling to survive let alone realign for the future. This is again incorrect, given most successful organisations have been constantly reviewing how they are positioned in these changing market conditions to ensure they operate effectively. Many have improved their commercial outcomes.

The good news is if you did sit on your hands in 2020 and 2021, change continues and you can still jump on board a new career opportunity, but the time is now.

In your existing company you may have already been overlooked for a promotion as you have become very productive in the job you are performing, likely having taken on additional tasks as things changed within your work team during the pandemic. Your company may be reluctant to move you into another role, choosing to bring in skills because of your improved capability/productivity in your expanded role.

Many have said that the low unemployment numbers mean there are plenty of jobs available, which is partly true. However, if you have not continued to improve your skill levels you may find you are not as competitive in this ever-changing, technology driven market.

Additionally, lots of the locally available jobs created by entry restrictions for overseas workers will not continue to be available as the borders reopen, which is happening now. With more workers becoming available, remuneration levels may decline.

There is much more that needs to be said in order to encourage workers to review the market. One important piece of advice is that you need to drive your job search process. No one knows more about you, your capability and attitude than you! Manage your own future – there has never been a better time to do so.

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Written by Peter Gleeson.