Turning Business Relationships into Gold is an Art

In today’s frenetic world, we are constantly being asked about what is happening in the marketplace. More often than not this is to do with the search for talent and the best ways to ensure that you can keep current staff. The reality is that talent is constantly being headhunted and encouraged to leave their safe environment, breaking away from working in a culture they know and normally feel comfortable in.

This enquiring style of conversation allows a real bonding with clients and enables you to not only become a trusted advisor but often make them look good and knowledgeable in terms of marketplace activity. Let’s not forget that a successful recruitment outcome is normally achieved as a result of real cooperation between employer, new employee and recruiter. It seldom just happens; more success can be made when all stakeholders in the process are like minded and working toward a mutual goal.

Prior to updating the client or candidate on what is happening, it is important to first find out what they believe is going on out in the real world, what has been their personal experience, what have they found that works well in terms of finding, attracting, and retaining top talent.

They will want to hear something different to what they are doing, basically a customized solution. They may also be able to give you valuable feedback based on their observations and experience. This also safeguards against advising in a direction, in terms of their approach, which they may already have tried.

The golden rule is to listen to everything they have tried, thought about, seen others doing. Ironically, they may already have the solution and not realize it.

It is important that you stay current with regard to market conditions and what is working. Much of this may be what a lot of people already know about, such as retaining existing staff, making sure the EVP in their business is attractive and competitive, finding the right people through advertising, database review and direct approach.

Sometimes it is important to reaffirm the basics to allow a reset of the project. A simple explanation for example, of what real talent mapping is will not really give much away but open up the recruitment black box just a little to add some intrigue to the service you offer. To quantify some of the smokes and mirrors we work with in the industry will be seen to add value to what we do. However, in the end the client must not think they can easily replicate what we offer in terms of service and outcomes otherwise they will constantly undervalue what we do. 

You literally only have the “space” between you and your client to create a chargeable professional offering (assignment), you must work in that space.

In summary, listen to what they think, add your knowledge and experience to agree to a focused, customized solution. Do not discount your fee and you will likely get the exclusive order when you ask for it. That’s how business relationships can be turned into ‘Gold” but you have to mine them. 

If you would like to know more about converting a group of relationships into a client and candidate base give us a call, we have been doing that for decades.

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