Uncover Hidden Talent Pools in a Competitive Job Market – Partner with a Recruitment Agency

Every organization and every leader wants a team brimming with extraordinary talent. In this highly competitive job market worldwide, it is a challenging task to identify and hire talented individuals – especially those not actively seeking jobs; the hidden gems; the passive candidates. These people are typically content with their present jobs but are open to new opportunities. Unearthing these hidden gems is a complicated task and the best way to tap into this talent pool is by partnering with a recruitment agency.

Before we get into how we tap into such talent pools, let us elaborate on the difference between passive candidates and active job seekers. These individuals are presently employed and satisfied with their jobs. However, if you present them with an attractive opportunity then they would definitely consider it. However, their perceptions and motivations are different. They might not be motivated by only a higher salary. You need to present them with better projects, challenging opportunities, better work-life balance, or a great organisational culture.

What makes it challenging is that these people are not on recruitment platforms and job boards. Hence accessing and identifying these candidates becomes a daunting task. This is where our expertise comes into the picture. If you are looking for the best recruitment agency in Australia, then you have landed in the right destination. What’s our game plan?

  • We start by leveraging the vast network of our experienced consultants. They have a wide network across industries, and we start reaching out to passive candidates through personal networks and professional networking platforms
  • Generic things won’t work with these professionals. You need targeted content here. Once we identify these professionals, we try to reach out to them using personalized emails, with the intent of sparking interest in your organisation
  • Once the interest is generated, then your brand should speak its story. Here we use the employer brand strategy. A strong brand story will help in attracting passive candidates by showcasing your company culture, values, and success stories. At the same time, you can look to share client and employee testimonials and make your organisation more appealing to these passive candidates
  • Next, we will take care of the screening and interview procedure, however, you are always kept in the loop, and we maintain complete transparency. This would ensure that the right candidate is aligned with your organisation, and that he/she connects well with your culture, values, and mission
  • Finally, we will ensure that we take care of the entire onboarding process and all the necessary training so that the candidate can start delivering promptly. Our recruitment agency in Australia is renowned for its hiring and recruitment strategies – be it passive candidates or CEO certifications you have everything under one roof

By now you must be sold on the fact that passive candidates are a great pool of talent that you would like to tap. You bring in exceptional talent, enhance workforce diversity, increase employee retention, and foster a great organisational culture. No doubt, it’s challenging – but when you have a partner with you, it becomes a lot easier. Looking to partner with a recruitment agency in Australia? Reach out to Peter Gleeson, Ian Stacy or Peter Tanner at (03) 9190 8904 or visit tannermenzies.net.au