Unlock The Secret To Finding Good Candidates

The current challenges in identifying and securing top talent are not new.

It is true that these circumstances are creating not only frustration but are also very costly to many businesses who are unable to take advantage of opportunities presenting themselves on a daily basis in the marketplace.

Bottom line is that in many sectors business is good and presents real potential for further growth. Unfortunately, one of the primary requirements needed to capitalize on conditions remain, finding the talent to do the job.

For candidates it is a perfect storm which puts them in an ideal position to strongly influence the selection process particularly when it comes to reward, responsibility, and environment in a new role.

One of the first reactions historically in a high employment driven market is for companies to try and do their own recruitment. It is true that nearly everything needed to run a successful external or commercial recruitment function can be brought in house this includes process, technology such as CRM, AI tools, skills and psychological testing, training and even recruiters often who go into internal recruitment teams after a less than stellar period working in recruitment companies. Additionally, companies can spend lots on attraction through advertising, branding generally and more, so it should work right?

So often it does not work well, the main reason being that the most critical element in a productive recruitment process doesn’t occur and that is the attraction of sought-after candidates. 

Everything is ready to go but no one is actually in the process.

If you are experiencing a lack of relevant candidate flow and cannot work out why, do not feel too special. Many are in the same situation.

If you are wondering why some recruitment specialists are doing well in tough times, give a serious thought about who they are likely to be. They are likely to be experienced recruiters who have been operating in their chosen area of specialization for at least 10 years. They live and breathe their space every day; they know the players and know who is good. More so, they are also aware of what attracts them to a new role. They are the specialists people call on when reviewing the marketplace.

What’s more is that they have likely been in regular contact with many of those on their database during the last two years when no one else appeared to care. Their database is also one of their greatest assets in better understanding who Is available in the market at any point of time, including the passive job seeker who would never be found by an internal recruitment team.

These professional recruiters provide innovative solutions to employment challenges in these changing times advising not only candidates of their market position but also clients in regard to what they need to do to secure the best available resources in the marketplace. 

When they have identified an excellent match often through their networks or on referral, they quickly manage the entire process and then transition the newly hired employees into their new workspace. These recruitment professionals are intuitive and able to predict what will enable success. 

If you are simply using traditional advertising and attraction options, then expect disappointment. Recruitment is not a point-in-time exercise it is a planned, strategic, and continuous process which requires knowledge and skills acquired over many years  

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