Successful recruitment specialists will find their clients are going to rely on them more frequently to get a solution to their needs in the current market. Your personal brand as a successful recruiter in your specialist sector will also see new clients seek you out for a solution to their needs. Knowing how to attract applicant and candidate interest in the months ahead is going to deliver the specialist recruiter and increasing volume of exclusive and retained assignments.

So do you think you can do it for yourself and take a higher, much higher reward? You can with Tanner Menzies. Now, you are working from home, working your own hours, interviewing using technology, and generally “running your own show”. Trust and brand awareness, are you. How to get a better financial outcome for you, let me remind you, as an experienced recruiter, your client engages you to get their solution, they don’t engage your employer, it is you they entrust with their need.

When working for an employer you get salary and bonus for your over-performance. As an employee the fee goes towards your target and you get a small percentage of the fee as your salary. As a Tanner Menzies licensee, you keep the highest percentage of the fee, and Tanner Menzies provide the known brand and the back office support including the financial platform and CRM.

Want to get more reward, want to make more money? Enquire about becoming a Tanner Menzies Licensee, it works for you, achieve success your way with certainty delivered.

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Written by Peter Gleeson