What Does Your Recruitment Opportunity Look Like Now?

Are you jaded? Do you keep hearing the promise of a return to better times? Some organisations have seen no set back at all and have grown market share, top line sales and bottom line returns since the onset of the pandemic. Back in March 2020, we suggested that some markets and countries would see the “blue sky and the green shoots” earlier than others. That they would be able to get some business moving but were likely to be held up by other regions that fell behind them in timeline, “battling the contagion”. This has unfortunately inhibited travel and international trade.

It was not a prediction, more a forecast based on the experience of having traded through four previous recessions. Although we acknowledge a pandemic is different.

Now brand visibility will be important. Companies planning to hire will be looking at who to turn to. Many recruiters who have been stood down, laid off, furloughed or have had their hours reduced, now have the ability to step up for themselves using their interface with hiring managers and previous professional relationships. Markets are now starting to recover and we are likely to see competition for resources, particularly for skilled people.

We invite experienced recruiters to investigate working with Tanner Menzies as a licensee where you will have more autonomy, higher financial returns and a brand that has been established in the Australian recruitment sector since the 1990’s.

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