Have you ever seen such profile been given to a phenomenon that has been named by an academic, adopted by many as a reason they cannot find quality candidates and has apparently not even arrived in Australia yet?

Many potential candidates are shaking their heads and sighting ‘The Great Resignation’ as the reason they are not taking up a new role, and that they are uncomfortable about job stability.

The job market has never been more volatile and security is only as predictable as the economic circumstances allow. The economy has been operating on government supported initiatives for at least 18 months or more and could be withdrawn at any time. Feeling more secure now?

Ok, The Great Resignation, really?

Do we really believe that employees who are feeling burnt out, with depleted financial resources and less competitive workplace skills are going to leave their COVID workplace without an alternative job and take a break to think about their future?

Time will tell in terms of what, if any affect The Great Resignation has but its made interesting reading during the later stages of COVID. It’s basically not normal practice to leave a job without a job, ask any recruiter whether it’s better to be working when in search mode for a new position, the answer is yes.

Let’s assume you are staying with your current company and being part of the ‘great job continuance’ movement, because many of you will. When it comes to the crunch, often workers will stay with what they know, at least for a while.

If that is you, let’s make sure that any future decision to retain you remains with you.

Make sure you work hard and productively to reinforce your value to your company. Many work at home employees have contributed significantly to positive corporate outcomes during the pandemic, make sure your efforts are recognised.

If an opportunity to take on more responsibilities or gain extra skills through training, particularly company supplied, do it. With all the changes going on in this new world, management will be looking to spread the load when some of The Great Resignation folks walk. Take it on and make your contribution even more important to company performance.

Remember also that many companies are going to find retention of key employees difficult, so if you are doing a lot of what has been previously mentioned it could be a time to discuss what you are looking for in terms of reward, flexibility and opportunity. Generally, you should be in a good position to negotiate as others around you leave.

If you are looking to move, however, speak to a recruiter you can trust to understand what is available in these times of change.

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Written by Peter Gleeson.