With unemployment approaching record lows, it is interesting and frustrating that employers are reluctant to meet the market with better salaries which would attract new employees. We’re also seeing push back on post COVID hybrid flexibility.

On the other hand, many employees are indicating they are looking for job security by staying where they are, even though the market is particularly unstable. Not unexpectedly as a result everything is tightening up. So what happens next?

Based on experience and basic economic theory, if demand for talent is outstripping supply, the environment becomes unstable, competitive and demanding. If you add a potential war involving at least one major power, then the picture does become very complicated.

It is important to remember that you need to ensure that your employment situation is under control, as best you can. This is particularly the case if you are in a high-performance culture, as underperformance will not be tolerated in these times and there will be continual scrutiny by owners, shareholders and managers who are working under extreme pressure to produce profitable outcomes.

We have spoken to many people during the pandemic about how they are faring, often with a focus on high performing individuals working in the professional recruitment sector. Many have indicated that throughout 2021, whilst having full books of work, they were having great difficulty fulfilling client’s requirements under increasing pressure to get the job done. Many said they would review their options in the new year, some saying they were going to join the Great Resignation trend and resign without a job to clearly think through their options.

Now that we are at the ‘after holiday’ stage many folks are still ‘hanging in’ on their existing roles, but well aware they are not meeting company expectations in terms of commercial outcomes. It is only a matter of time until more pressure is applied to complete assignments, if that is not already the case. There is no doubt some recruiters will find they are ‘let go’ as employers look to seek better performance from existing teams.

The need to produce outstanding commercial results exists in all industries but particularly in the service sectors it has never been more critical. This is at a time where the various players (be they candidates, clients or community) have confusing and conflicting perceptions of market conditions. The need for an astute, professional recruiter who can navigate current conditions, communicate clearly and manage the attraction and retention strategies for all concerned has never been greater.

Unfortunately many excellent recruiters are working in restrictive work environments dominated by self-interested management and colleagues operating in divisive cultures that can negatively affect the ability to work productively.

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