What’s next for your recruitment career?

So the COVID-19 peak is over and ‘we can finally get back to a new normal.’ I am hearing people say this regularly as we begin to venture back into a world that has changed forever. Let’s not forget how many of us have worked from home over many months, with little more interaction than technology aided communication.

We are also attempting to service clients who are, with respect, struggling themselves to better understand how their business will work or even survive the next 12 months.

Most business models have changed. If you expected to slip back into an environment you were comfortable with and be in a position to advise clients on how to best trade out of the economically challenging corner many are in – forget it!

Your credibility is going to be seriously questioned as you attempt to explain your extensive knowledge and experience in trading out of a global pandemic (how many times did you mention you have you done that?! ).

My advice at this time would be to better understand what you are looking for in this return to a new normal and then you will most likely be in a much better position to advise clients on the best way forward. You are there to help them maximize their potential, personally and on a corporate basis.

It is highly likely your current organisation will not be the best option for your future. If you are still employed, particularly if this is with government assistance, you have probably seen some folks retrenched, living with adjusted working arrangements and hours and possibly salary reductions.

If you are underemployed, there has no doubt been realignment of job responsibilities and many other changes and you are doing something very different to what you originally signed on for. This has probably also affected culture. The end result being that it is likely a long way back.

You need to be realistic and open minded. Your experience prior to Covid-19, then during and after the pandemic (whenever that is!) may be positively viewed by your clients or maybe not so.

It is highly likely your role within the business will require a considerable rebuild, not only from an internal perspective but also outside your door and into the new business world.  Your existing and potential clients have gone through much change as well.

Experience from the professional services sector is that change is not bad. In fact, a dynamic market is good, but you must adapt to change.

If you agree with that premise why rebuild your career to the significant benefit of your employer? Why not build your own business in a collegiate environment of owners guided by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the recruitment industry?

Consider becoming a Tanner Menzies Licensee, this could be the time to “achieve success-your way.”