Why flexibility is non-negotiable in 2020

When it comes to attracting and retaining top talent, employers need to understand what employees want most of all from a company. For many years career decisions have been driven largely by salary alone but this is no longer the case. Increasingly employees are seeking organisations which value and promote a healthy work/life balance and flexibility.

To accommodate the shift in employee attitudes, there has been significant pressure on employers to cater for more flexibility. But what does ‘flexibility’ actually mean and how can companies best put it into practice?

By definition, a flexible working arrangement is an opportunity to work outside the traditional 9-5  in a style that improves productivity. Flexibility in a workplace can manifest in many different ways, whether it be an increase in part-time roles, flexi-hours or allowing employees to work remotely. One area that has seen the most traction in recent years is flexibility for parents juggling family commitments. A report from the Perinatal Workplace Wellbeing Program shows that many employers are now choosing to include family-friendly programs in their model. It’s an acknowledgement that flexible work arrangements are associated with less occupational fatigue and burnout. While flexible work arrangements might seem to be of greater benefit to the employee, it can also be incredibly beneficial to the employer. A healthy work/life balance not only improves employees’ mental health but it also increases loyalty to a company which in turn means higher retention rates.

At Tanner Menzies, we have embraced the trend in work/life balance introducing an innovative entrepreneurial licensee model. Our licensee model empowers passionate executive recruiters to become successful business owners and recruitment entrepreneurs giving them the autonomy to design their own flexible workplace and hours.  We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback from our licensees. For example, Mel Iculano a mother of two and Tanner Menzies Licensee, remarked the other day that she felt she can now ‘achieve a much better work/life balance and is able to focus more effectively on the things that matter.’

Our licensees can work from home and pick and choose the hours they spend at their desk without feeling they are locked into working the long traditional hours typically associated with recruitment. We see our licensee model as a particularly  appealing option for women returning from maternity leave who are wanting to get back to work but looking for options which allow them to spend more time at home caring for their children.

Providing  our licensees with ongoing support and a suite of tailored resources we have empowered them to build their own business and design careers with amazing flexibility and satisfaction.

We are proud of what we have been able to achieve at Tanner Menzies and encourage other companies to think about what they can do to embrace greater work/life balance. Companies who encourage life outside of the office walls will not only see an improvement in their employee’s well-being but also in the wellbeing of the company. A win-win situation.