Why ‘Realistic Optimism’ is Your Best Career Move

Just completed a very enjoyable and interactive week at the RCSA Shape conference in Hobart.

Lots of good information flowed throughout and the underlying feeling was one of optimism for the future, not only regarding our industry of professional recruitment consultants, but also the economy in general.

This is not surprising given the economy, employment and the effect of the profession are very much intertwined. 

There were a lot of “take aways” which allowed reflection on where you are in terms of your career whether in the recruitment industry or not.

One advisory comment that resonated was a variation on an old cliché

“You can’t change what’s happened, but you can change what happens next…”

This seemed particularly relevant and indeed representative of what we are seeing in the market, different from the extreme discussion we had during 2021 in regard to The Great Resignation, which predictably never happened in Australia.  Moving on to the resounding opinion expressed by many that they were changing jobs as soon as COVID died down, to the now ever-present threat and reality of the counteroffer which is making people stay exactly where they are, under the guise of job security, however, often with changed roles, less reward and recognition, as well as the threat of redundancy over time as companies realign.

Talk about confusion and lack of logic!

There has never been a better time to consider your career was a strong conference message as was the need to actually walk your talk and put actions in to place which best position you for success. So, overall, it was felt the opportunity to secure a role that does reflect your capability and provides the chance to realize your potential has never been more achievable.

Having said that, not everything is working so whatever you do if something is not working don’t do it harder, simply let it go. Focus your effort on things that will bring you positive results. 

Additionally, don’t continually make excuses for your lack of action, be well planned, record your objectives at a minimum preference for success in securing a role and when you find an attractive option go for it. Most counteroffers are in reality created after a “valued” employee indicates they are looking to leave or actually resigns. The improved recognition will soon fade into the background and in all probability the original frustrations will return; your contribution was previously undervalued and will be again in the future.

This conference was enlightening and brought together 250+ owners and managers from throughout the region to discuss how to achieve the objective of “shaping” the industry and ensuring a professional, productive employment environment in which candidates, clients and recruiters could work in together toward success. 

The overwhelming opinion of attendees was that there have not been more job opportunities at attractive levels of reward in many years, the time to review is now

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