Why Recruitment and Entrepreneurship are a Perfect Fit

In recent years the term “gig economy” has been showing up with increasing frequency, but the phrase is often left hanging without explaining what it actually is. Essentially, the gig economy refers to any work that is done outside of the confines of traditional models of employment. Anybody who works as a freelancer, a contractor, or gets paid by the job rather than in an ongoing capacity is making use of the gig economy.

While the term is often associated with millennials, the fact is that this type of work has existed for decades, and according to the Harvard Business Review, the average age of a successful startup founder is actually 45. While the concept of a “startup” is by no means relegated to a particular age group or demographic, it is millennials who are often given credit for taking advantage of breakthroughs in technology to make “gig work” more accessible in 2019 than at any other time in history.

For recruiters, this form of work is a perfect fit. Recruitment is the ideal industry for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to break free from the nine-to-five slog, and the general feeling of powerlessness that goes hand-in-hand with working for an employer who reaps all the rewards for your hard work.

Making the move from salaried work can be a daunting concept, especially when many of us have gone our whole lives with the underlying premise that a regular pay cheque is the definition of success. The idea of starting from scratch, with all of the time, effort, money and risk associated with setting up a start-up business is enough to scare off even the most driven of individuals.

Despite these challenges, there is so much more to gain from starting your own business, and this is exactly why the gig economy is so popular. Having confidence in your own abilities, and drive to succeed is a huge element of entrepreneurship, and individuals who combine this drive with a proven business model are well-situated to achieve success.

So much of recruitment relies on the recruiter themselves, and while their achievements ultimately benefit their employer, so much of this success is actually driven by their own personal brand, network, and reputation. In fact, the true value of a top recruiter is only really realised when they move on from an organisation and take all of these attributes with them.

At Tanner Menzies, we have spent close to four decades building our reputation in recruitment, and we know the true value of our people. We also know how rewarding it can be to work for yourself, and we have drawn upon our considerable insights in this sector to develop a unique licensing model which allows great recruiters to start their own business, with the support of an established brand.

The Tanner Menzies License model recognises that recruitment is the ideal industry for small business entrepreneurs, and gives you the flexibility to work on your own terms, when you want, where you want, and with minimal investment fees.

If you have ever thought about starting your own recruitment business, we would love to discuss our business model with you in more detail, answering any questions you may have about how you can acquire your own Tanner Menzies licence. Now is the perfect time to start building your future as a successful recruitment entrepreneur, and we can help you do it.