Wish To Become Your Own Boss?

We hear this type of request time and time again, people thinking they can influence someone with authority to get a job done “better”, giving no 

thought to the reality that their request actually belittles the person or team working on the project.

So often those working on the job know much better than the “boss” they wish to speak with, in terms of getting the best outcome.

It is also not uncommon to have clients and candidates in our executive recruitment business make comment on how good it is to be able to work with a consultant who is also the owner of the business. 

They enjoy the directness, knowledge, and ability to negotiate and decide on a commercial arrangement at the first interview and relevant discussion which is often on complex workforce challenges. Effectively, the consulting business becomes part of their business and they both look good when success is achieved, which is very often, given they are both measured on the success of the project and in terms of the client, for a considerable time after the exercise is completed as new employees begin to produce results. 

A further big plus in working with the owner of the business is that you can develop long term relationships and put in place processes which continually create great outcomes. You literally work together toward mutual success, constantly looking for opportunity to present top talent to your preferred client.

What does it take to run your own recruitment business?

Some of the attributes you need include the ability to relate to people, to have a real interest in helping candidates develop their careers and clients grow their businesses. Relationships in this space can last for decades during which time significant trust is established. You must be competitive, determined, resilient, possess good business acumen and be prepared to work hard.

It is fair to say that a successful recruitment business does allow considerable flexibility in terms of balance of life.

After all, you are your own boss…

Ideally, you should have experience  working within the recruitment space so that you can operate intuitively based on what has worked in the past.

A confidential approach complimented by strong communication skills are important and allow all parties to be aware of where projects are positioned with the appropriate level of transparency.

Being the boss, particularly in a small business, is often lonely and without support. So, combining all of the above and folding this into a License model helps provide branding, infrastructure including database, marketing, mentoring, surrounded by a collegiate team of like-minded business owners . This allows you to become your own boss in an environment designed for success.

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