Improve Your Employee Retention Rate With Our HR Consultancy Services

Every organisation puts in a lot of effort to hire the best talent in the industry. However very few put in meaningful efforts to retain this talent and ensure that this talent keeps adding value to their organisation. If you are looking for the best HR consulting in Melbourne, to improve your retention rates, then you are at the perfect destination. 

Our HR consultancy services will help you identify employee pain points and create an environment where they thrive and thus reduce attrition rates.

Today’s marketplace is very competitive and the true difference between success and failure is your human resource. Hence, you must invest in your employees while they are working and be open to staying rather than when they are leaving. Now that we have established the importance of an employee retention plan, let us see how we can create one –

Understand the pain points

The starting point to develop a retention strategy is to understand the pain points – what’s really tickling your employees? You might also consider asking your previous employees to understand their concerns. Is it about the pay, the facilities, or the equipment? Once you have clarity on the pain points, you know what to solve and accordingly devise the employee retention plan.

Make employees feel valued

Employees stick with organisations where their voices are heard. Make sure that you reward and recognize efforts made by your employees and do so in an unbiased manner. At the same time, encourage employees to share feedback to improve the processes or culture and use their feedback to improve working conditions. Employees always prefer organisations with an open culture, where their feedback is taken and is considered with all seriousness and implemented in reality.

Offer growth opportunities

Every employee has a different vision for himself and for the team/organisation. Do we know where they see themselves in the coming future? Our human resource consultants will help you map the journey for each employee right from the hiring and onboarding processes till the present day and role. This will help you see whether employees are growing along the lines that they had expected and hence help you tune the retention plan in the best manner.

Ensure good pay and perks

The primary reason why we work – is pay. Ensure that the pay you offer is at par or above the industry average. At the same time, you offer meaningful and essential facilities including but not limited to medical, child support, travel, and so on. Offering competitive compensation is an absolute must along with other beneficial perks.

Hire organisation-fit employees

To achieve high retention, you must also focus on your hiring strategies. It is very difficult to retain someone who does not align with your mission and vision. Hence, ensure that you conduct a thorough fitment analysis during the hiring process and hire employees that are in line with your organisational culture and mission.

Encouraging employees to stick with you is no rocket science if you have the best employee retention plan in your pockets! We can partner with you as your human resource consultants. To know more, you can reach out to Peter Gleeson, Ian Stacy or Peter Tanner at (03) 9190 8904 or visit