Better Together

Why you should be part of Tanner Menzies

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Tanner Menzies licensee.

We’re a group of like-minded professionals committed to delivering absolute certainty for our valued clients.

Led by some of our industry’s most senior professionals, Tanner Menzies is the natural home for great recruiters looking to make their own mark and build their own recruitment agency.

Being part of Tanner Menzies means access to great facilities, access to data and systems, connections to clients, mentoring and back-room support – all offered within a genuinely supportive culture. In every sense, this is a professional community that works together to succeed together.

What we offer

Our collaborative team are here to make sure you never feel out of your depth as you build your own name alongside ours. We’ll provide you with support through director-level mentoring and bi-annual business plan reviews with the Tanner Menzies leadership team.

We understand that the biggest challenge for any successful recruitment business is developing a healthy pipeline of work. Tanner Menzies provides a range of opportunities for you to grow your client base, broaden your network and access to opportunities through client networking. Our collaborative business model ensures cross-category information sharing between licensees so that you are not alone in the hunt for business opportunities.

As a Tanner Menzies Licensee, you’ll have full access to our training resources, which we deliver in-house and in partnership with external training partners. These high-quality training programs provide you with the building blocks for success and ensure your skills are always up to date.

To allow you to focus on delivery, Tanner Menzies experienced finance team help manage the routing business of invoicing and debtor management. You’ll always have the peace of mind of knowing that your business administration functions are best-of-breed.

Tanner Menzies licensees have full access to a suite of up-to-the minute, integrated, ‘plug and play’ technologies including CRM, financial administration platform and practical tools to assist with vendor selection. Our social media applications also help your business and your clients while streamline processes.

Success in recruitment begins with a clear strategy. As a Tanner Menzies licensee, you’ll have access to our leadership team to help identifying the goals, objectives and strategies that will empower you to succeed in achieve your desired business outcomes.

Operating under the Tanner Menzies brand allows you to grow your business with an established brand, helping you to develop your reputation as you build your market presence and grow your networking and social media channels.

We provide our licensees with a network of flexible, modern office hubs that can be accessed according to your requirements. New business owners often lack the start-up capital to source their own office space and may not always want to work from home. By utilising these flexible work environments, you are able to take meetings with clients and candidates in a professional space, while also enjoying the collaborative nature of a shared workplace.

What our licensees say

Tanner Menzie’s best advocates are our own people. Here are some of our valued licensees talking of their own experiences.

I knew that, at Tanner Menzies, I’d be working with ethical, like-minded professionals who align with my own standards of candidate and client care. This was important to me given that I am very passionate about nurturing strong business partnerships with an honest and open

I have always wanted to own my own recruitment consultancy but didn’t want to be a sole operator. I love being part of a larger team. Being part of Tanner Menzies gives me the best of both worlds. I get all the support I need to succeed, but also have the flexibility and work/life balance so important to me.

There is also a great team environment with the fun and banter that comes with being part of an organisation which values each team member for their uniqueness and experience.

Finally, the Tanner Menzies model is excellent financially. I’m earning a significant percentage of the recruitment fees I generate.

Joining Tanner Menzies gives me the opportunity to work under a highly recognised brand with senior decision makers, while also having the flexibility that delivers a work-life balance that I want.

I work remotely and divide my time between clients and candidates on an as-needs basis. I don’t miss the peak hour commutes and am more productive with the technology available today.

Being a licensee allows me to leverage my connections with key decision makers and experienced leaders who recognise the Tanner Menzies brand.

It also gives me the potential to grow my market vertical and earn the rewards of owning my own business.

The Tanner Menzies leadership team are generous with their knowledge and connections across the industry. They all have a professional disposition and a sense of humour. Most importantly, Tanner Menzies has a vision for the future of recruitment. I like being part of that.

After an extensive career in the corporate world, I knew it was time to play the game my way. I had worked for blue chip organisations throughout my career and was cautious of how I could protect all
that hard work and make it count for something. It was an easy decision to join the Tanner Menzies team. As a corporate professional it was imperative that if I was to align with anyone that their
ethics and basic operational standards were the same as mine.

I was seeking the freedom of running my own business while retaining connections with people. I also wanted to work with a group of likeminded people I could bounce ideas off. Tanner Menzies
provides exactly that and so much more.

To be competitive in the HR consulting field you need a trusted brand. Tanner Menzies has been recognised for integrity and customer orientation for decades. In my experience Tanner Menzies opens bigger doors far quicker than if I had hung a shingle out on my own.

Having the finance and marketing functions provided within the licensee model allows me to focus on core business.

For me being a licensee means I am accountable, but also supported. I have the opportunity to work with professionals who enjoy what they do, and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Better together with Tanner Menzies

Thank you for exploring the benefits of joining Tanner Menzies as a licensee.

We’d like to share the extensive range of benefits we offer recruitment professionals as they grow their business under the Tanner Menzies brand.

The services and opportunities we offer are ideal for:

  • Small or sole trader recruitment business looking to experience growth
  • Senior recruiters looking to earn a substantially high proportion of the fees they earn
  • Recruiters who prefer to be part of a collaborative team

The support we offer includes:

  • The ability to leverage a highly respected recruitment brand
  • Referrals to clients within geographic and area of specialisation
  • Coaching in areas limiting your growth
  • Best practice professional and business development tools
  • Assistance with compliance and governance
  • A superbly managed skills database
  • A collaborative and productive working environment with meeting facilities other office support

If you’d like to explore how operating under the Tanner Menzies banner can benefit your business, we’d be delighted to talk to you.

Simply enter your details and we’ll reach out to you.