Job Security You Are Dreaming

I was going through some business papers earlier today and one particular article caught my attention and made me realize just how fragile and unpredictable workplaces can be.  You may have read it, but regardless, it is worth taking a reality check on how uncertain professional life could be and the need for you to be well positioned for change no matter what you have been told about how secure your job is.

To put simply the article was a note to staff from a Chief Executive, who I will not name for obvious reasons, indicated that despite amazing growth for the 10 years the company had been in existence, that one in 5 team members were to be made redundant, pretty well effective immediately. You can imagine what would be going through the collective heads of the team, so carefully chosen at a point in time. The CEO went on to say that they had made errors in judgment ,that they would be better in terms of the future management of the company and that everyone would be looked after. They would shortly know if they were to be lose their jobs, by email. No comment on any further changes being on the horizon but those staying should be confident that their future was looking good.


Unfortunately, I don’t feel overly confident. Sadly, such restructures often cut deeply into capability, key employees who the company wants to retain often walk, workmates are also friends so those walked may be influenced by those remaining etc.

Bottom line is the culture is never the same and trust is often affected.

We believe the current climate of change does provide some amazing opportunities for those prepared to accept a challenge and venture in to their own business.

Interestingly, on some occasions we have seen some degree of hesitation by a few to take that step in achieving real career independence.

The reason offered by some for remaining status quo was largely “job security”.

As we look deeper, we are seeing what has been explained in the above scenario with the loyalty promised not being provided and talent (I would make this more personal not call them talent PT)who thought they were secure in their roles finding themselves unexpectedly on the job market when they least expected it.

This has been disappointing, particularly given the flexibility and resilience many displayed during the pandemic only to find that was of no real value when loyalty is rewarded by a redundancy as a result of a restructure which became necessary for the overall good of the company future.

The important message is to simply ensure that you are aware of what is available in the employment market so you can make a solid and well thought through career decision if you need to.

If you have a background which includes professional recruitment, one option could be as a Licensee with Tanner Menzies. You could your own business where, with our support, you enjoy the flexibility, reward and autonomy associated with being the boss.

Clearly the market is very strong ,so the opportunity knocks!

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