Recruitment Success What Do You Need?

Prior to evaluating the ideal job at an individual level, let’s start with what makes a successful Recruitment Company?

In thinking through what creates the most success in recruitment after having worked in the industry for 4 decades, the overwhelming constant is having a STAR team of recruiters who work well together. They must have a collegiate ability to focus on what needs to be done, rather than getting overly philosophical, which normally means nothing gets done. They do need to be led but not autocratically directed, as is often the case in the space. It is possible to break down the critical factors for success, to then better understand the tolerance level applicable to each and put in place a plan to achieve them.

Accountability, Communication, Reward, Integrity wrapped up in an environment of Intuitive Skill.

These come to mind as a good portfolio of attributes for success.

Interestingly, when asked about their culture many companies routinely nominate these drivers as being inherent in their beliefs and behaviours, often using them to reinforce how they as leaders and individually interact internally and externally. However in reality when viewed objectively within those businesses, gaps in their delivery are often what drives folks to leave a company.

Lets look from an individual’s perspective at how each is often described when working in one of today’s medium to large, non specialised, transactional recruitment companies.

During a recent search exercise targeting experienced recruitment professionals the following sums up the overall sentiment in regard to how our nominated critical success factors are being addressed in the marketplace.

Accountable :  no matter how well I am billing, the first micro managed question every day, if not more often, is how are my activity levels going?

Communication :  often I am the last to hear about what’s happening in my patch, let alone within the company overall!

Reward : the rem system is constantly changing and hard to understand, all I know is I will get between 15-25% of my net margin

Integrity : this is an absolute golden rule, you must display integrity at all times, but make sure you achieve budget

The intuitive skill is driven by your fight for survival and is generally not supported, other than by achieving activity levels managed through others.

Sound familiar?

Let’s imagine for a second if you are working in a supportive environment of like-minded business owners, in your own business, with access to some of the industries most successful leaders for mentoring and advice.

What’s more, you are the master of your own accountability, encouraged to regularly communicate with your peer group as you build value in your brand, which is recognised for its integrity over 4 decades?

The rewards in a qualitative and quantitative sense will be way above industry average.

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Written by Peter Gleeson.