Take Your Recruiter Career a Notch Higher with Tanner Menzies

How is your career progressing? Have you been busier than usual lately? Have you noticed how many people have returned to the office either hybrid or full time?

The message is clear – people are on the move again and the market is on the move too. This will bring about opportunities for promotion, career change and remuneration improvement particularly if employees are finding change that they are not comfortable with.

End of the financial year is less than 30 days away, bonus, commission and incentive payments aligned with remuneration and performance reviews will be happening.

This is likely to lead to better candidate selection options for recruiters.

Most recruiters would have adapted to the market conditions and must have experienced a stronger quarter by quarter. So, are you getting a higher return for your productivity and placements?

Sound familiar? It should if you are an experienced recruiter. My next question then is, if you are good at this, then you will be earning well, so why aren’t you keeping more in your pocket for the great client outcomes that you are delivering?

At Tanner Menzies “where leaders are found” we ensure that the people and organisations we interact with receive service recognisable for its quality and professionalism. So, do you think you can do it for yourself and take it a notch higher and earn a much higher reward for your skill? You can with Tanner Menzies. Now, you are working from home, working your own hours, interviewing using technology, and generally “running your own show”.

As a Tanner Menzies licensee, you keep the highest percentage of the fee, and Tanner Menzies provides the established brand name and the back-office support including the financial platform and CRM.

Want to get more reward, want to make more money? Enquire about becoming a Tanner Menzies Licensee. If it works for you, achieve success your way with certainty delivered. Email us [email protected] or call us on 03 91908904 for a confidential discussion and more information.