Based on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment rate in Australia is the lowest it has been in 10 years at 4.6%.

Tanner Menzies - Unemployment graph


What does this mean?

  • There will be increased competition for labour and knowledge workers.
  • Due to Australian border closures there is a reduced opportunity to bring resources from overseas.
  • This brings increased opportunity to individuals who want to work, want to progress their career, want to learn new skills and want to investigate new opportunities.
  • Skilled recruiters will thrive and should prosper in this environment.
  • In house recruitment will outsource to specialist recruiters, particularly when they have been unable to secure an outcome.

For us at Tanner Menzies, brand visibility will be important. Companies looking to hire will be looking for ‘who to turn to’. Tanner Menzies will continue to offer premium executive recruitment services helping clients reap the rewards of our bespoke staffing solutions.

If you are an experienced recruiter your opportunity with Tanner Menzies is as a licensee delivering tangible results. Our smart and autonomous license system, a tailored product suite that’s been created by human resource experts, our ongoing support of quality licensee partners, and our authentically collaborative partnership model ensure we’re able to work together to deliver proven and successful client solutions.

We have an established business structure with deep experience in the recruitment sector and established operations. Our leadership team continues to work in partnership with businesses and licensee audiences.

You have the potential to get a better financial reward for the effort you put in. This is not only for the work that you do, but also the equity you will build in your business that you own. You will be supported in doing what you always said you could – running you own successful recruitment business.

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Written by Ian Stacy.