How to Start a Recruitment Agency in Australia

Are you looking to start your own recruitment agency in Australia? It makes total sense to be a part of an industry that is valued at US$ 520 billion globally. Now, whether you have had experience in recruitment or you are starting new, or this is an extension of your entrepreneurial ventures, you need to know a few things to make a great start.

Register your business entity

First things first – choose an available business name for your agency and then register with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. You can do this both online and through any certified registrar in the country. We also recommend that you get the goods and services tax, aka GST license even if your present turnover is below the GST limits.

Get your licenses in place

Now that you have registered with the agency, you need certain licenses to run your business. Every recruitment agency in Australia must be permitted by the Fair Work Ombudsman. It is a government license to operate any staffing agency in Australia. We also recommend that you get the accreditation from Recruitment and Consulting Services Association so that you are at par with the industry standards and receive the necessary support.

Be a specialist

Recruitment is a crowded market, and it is difficult to become a ‘jack of all trades’ right from the word ‘go’. Hence you should build a niche for yourself, focusing on certain industries or organizational positions. This will help you establish your brand and carve a name your yourself. Consider partnerships with HR or training institutions. These can be great allies and become your advocates in the market.

Invest in human capital

You need a great workforce in order to become a great recruitment agency in Australia. It is true for any agency across the world. Hence, go ahead and hire experts who have experience in your chosen niche or industry and also can deal with clients in this part of the world. Beyond recruitment experts, you also need to think about other enabling services like administration, legal, finances, etc.

Start the marketing process

Now it is time to market your services – make some noise in the market and establish your brand. This means going online, making social media presence, attending events and conferences, getting an early client onboarded, and publishing success stories. You need to regularly invest in your marketing activities to find the best channels to reach a wider audience. You need to have a strong presence across channels where your potential clients are present.

Now what if we told you that you could skip all this and become a business owner in one single step

All recruitment agencies in Australia require the right strategy and planning to stay relevant and grow successfully. It might sound daunting but can become easy when you have the right partners beside you. As a Tanner Menzies Licensee, you would get all the assistance that you would need to start and set up your recruitment business in Australia.

Being a member of Tanner Menzies provides unparalleled benefits, including access to top-notch facilities, cutting-edge data and systems, valuable client connections, dedicated mentoring, and comprehensive back-room support – all fostered within a genuinely supportive and collaborative culture. At its core, this professional community thrives on teamwork, working cohesively towards collective success.

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