Today’s Perfect Job

So much is being said about what constitutes the perfect job in our ever-changing world. Many employers and employees have lost sight of what they are actually seeking. This is becoming increasingly obvious when you ask corporate clients and sought-after candidates what “ideal” is and they differ!

How can a Talent Acquisition Professional, as they are now known, be expected to match up the perfect candidate with the ideal employer if the requirements of each differ?

The reality is that they seldom will. This goes even further in terms of ensuring that you have the best talent within your organization as often key employees, required for long-term successful business success will be in danger of leaving if employers don’t critically evaluate what they offer existing team members.

For now, let’s look at the attraction process before exploring retention. 

What are some of the common misconceptions in regard to what companies believe they offer and where that fits in terms of priorities? We will look at just a few to better explain our premise in regard to the value proposition disconnect, there are many more.

Clients often say we are an employer of choice, people want to work with a brand they can trust and be proud to work for.

Candidates say brand has a part to play, but companies have an inflated view of what their brand really is. We are concerned more with the future than the past. 

Factors like environmental awareness are far more important than ever before. Clients say you need to work under our rules and be prepared to comply with long-established work practices that have brought success. Candidates say that is in the past; the move to more flexible, hybrid work arrangements that allow balance in life is a critical factor in deciding to work with you.

Clients say this is the salary level, regardless of market competition for scarce resources if we pay more, it will upset our current remuneration model.

Candidates say my skill set is sought after, demand exceeds supply so pay relative to the external market, that’s where we are (and where your existing staff will soon be if remuneration is not market competitive).

Candidates also ask for regular feedback on how they are doing and the chance to learn and progress in their careers.

Clients say we have an experienced management team ready to grow the company into the future. Candidates respond that the world has changed and in today’s world the importance for Management to understand what’s needed to manage teams distantly, creating new, aligned cultures that require support and leadership has never been greater.

There are no easy solutions to the challenges facing stakeholders in the search for top talent and securing them once they have been identified; it is a journey, no doubt.

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